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Ramen Movie

Houston filmmaker wants to set the record straight on the world's best ramen

By Eric Sandler

Over the last year, Houstonians have joined in on the ramen craze that's sweeping America. Although Houston only has two dedicated ramen joints, Tiger Den and Ramen Jin (for now), diners h ...

Mondo Cinema

Muscle Shoals crosses racial divide to show how music was made with heart and soul

By Joe Leydon

Is Muscle Shoals, Alabama hallowed ground? Could be. Early in Muscle Shoals, the endlessly fascinating and hugely entertaining documentary set to screen Monday and next month at the Museum of Fine ...

Film screening: More Than Honey

14 Pews

Boulevard Realty presents the award-winning documentary More Than Honey, which examines why over the course of 15 years numerous colonies of bees have been decimated throughout the world.

Movies Are My Life

WNBA legend Sheryl Swoopes reveals her financial troubles, her old Comet feuds and more

By Joe Leydon

Former Houston Comets superstar Sheryl Swoopes said she’d already viewed Swoopes — the celebratory ESPN documentary about her life, career, and significance in sports history &mdas ...

Bruce Springsteen Rocumentary

Crowd-sourced rockumentary focuses on Bruce Springsteen and his fans

By Joe Leydon

Call it a crowd-sourced rockumentary, and you won’t be far off the mark. Springsteen & I  — which screens Monday and July 30 in Houston and some 500 other cities – is ...

Death, Love & Family

An interview with Death: Proto-punks talk about the band's unlikely resurrection

By Ryan Lakich

Drafthouse Films would like to tell you a story. It’s the story of how three brothers from Detroit formed a funk band in the early 1970s, but drastically changed their sound to something fast ...

Reel Life

A foodie film festival: The meals may be even more exciting than the movies at this unique event

By Whitney Radley

The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston presents its inaugural Turkish Film Festival next weekend, showcasing contemporary cinema from April 5 through 7. Titles range from Polluting Paradise ...

Mondo Cinema

Major actress warns America about Greedy Lying Bastards: When science is bought

By Joe Leydon

As anyone who’s ever seen her kicking ass in Blade Runner or Kill Bill can tell you, Daryl Hannah isn’t just another pretty face. Off-screen, the Chicago-born actress-activist evide ...

Mondo Cinema

At the movies: Hungry in America, adrift in South Korea and crimebusting in Britain

By Joe Leydon

It may make break your heart or boil your blood, but either way, A Place at the Table (at the River Oaks 3) won't leave you unmoved. By turns fascinating and appalling, and sometimes both a ...

Indie Flicks

Inside the harmonica cult: Oft-ridiculed instrument carries a surprisingly strong hold

By Joel Luks

More harmonicas are sold at toy mega chains than in specialty music stores. Is that because it takes very little effort or expertise to make them play or because some regard the aerophone  ...

63 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 7
Refine By:   Events (18)   Lists (0)   News (45)   Places (0)

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