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Break On Through

How to survive a divorce with your sanity — and finances — intact and get ready to date again

By Arden Ward

Divorce statistics in the U.S. are staggering: 876,000 occur each year — one every 36 seconds. While going through a divorce can be gut-wrenching, the process doesn't have to be deemed a ...

Social Media Divorce

Facebook is a marriage killer: New Texas study shows just how destructive the social media site can be

By Claire St. Amant

Facebook is no stranger to bad press. And it turns out that even when our social media overlords aren't manipulating our moods, our relationships could be affected by all that time spent with v ...

Parenting 101

How to survive the holidays as a divorced parent: 5 tips that will help remove the bitter

By Houston's Voice Correspondent

While December festivities are meant to rouse feelings of glee and merriment, the polar opposite can be true for families that have experienced any type of loss. Social gatherings can turn from bei ...


Notorious hand doctor can't stay out of divorce trouble: Headed to jail yet again

By Tyler Rudick

Everyone's favorite disgraced hand doctor Michael Brown is going to be arrested for the second time this year after he failed to attend a Harris County court date related to his protracted ...

Art world buzz

Breakup to makeup: Dallas museum director and wife get married again

By Claire St. Amant

Art world hottie Jacqueline Buckingham didn't stay on the market for long. Just three months after announcing that she and Dallas Museum of Art director Maxwell L. Anderson were getting a divor ...

Remember When?

Infamous hand doctor claims he was sleep drug unaware when he choked & sexually harassed flight attendants

By Tyler Rudick

Like Patrick and Kerry Kennedy before him, notorious Brown Hand Center doc Michael Brown wants everyone to believe that some well-known accomplices are involved in a recent bout of airplane ra ...

Hand Doc Drama

Infamous hand doc perfects the crazy eyes — as judge rejects ridiculous get out of jail bid

By Tyler Rudick

Hand surgeon Michael Brown looked more crazy-eyed than usual Monday afternoon, as his attorneys attempted to get Harris County judge Sheri Dean to grant him an early release from the 180-day jail s ...

Takesies backsies

Infamous Brown Hand Center doc admits he acted crazy in filing for bankruptcy: Forgot $30 million

By Tyler Rudick

Dr. Michael Brown — a.k.a. "Daddy's Baby Girl" — slipped back into federal court for a last ditch effort to reverse a voluntary bankruptcy filing he made in ...

A long, strange trip

Just "touchy feely": Hand Center doc accused of choking & sexually bothering flight attendant has an original excuse

By Tyler Rudick

Everybody's favorite hand doctor Michael Brown is at it again, folks. On a recent British Airways flight from London to Miami, the good doctor had a bit of a meltdown after his meal sp ...

Outbid Bey?

A $20 million Houston mega mansion is going for a steep discount & Beyoncé is interested

By Whitney Radley

Those in the market for a four-kitchen, six-bedroom, 16-bathroom home have a bargain on their hands with The Houston Mansion, former home of media magnate Douglas R. Johnson and his now-ex-wif ...

50 Results. Showing to
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