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Barbecue Delivery

Uber and Goode Co. kick off Rodeo season with barbecue delivery to your door

By Eric Sandler

Wondering what to eat for lunch? Bored with the regular options but unwilling to face another cold, rainy day? One of Houston's iconic restaurants has partnered with one of the country's ho ...

App Delivers Almost Everything

New innovative app service delivers just about anything you want to your front door

By Nikki Ndukwe

Hey Houston, your life is about to get easier with a new service that will bring you just anything you want, because now, there’s an app for that.     The Austin-based delivery ...

Amazon Expands Delivery

Special delivery: Amazon expands Sunday service to Houston

By Kate Bentsen

Say goodbye to the never-ending list of weekend errands and welcome back your real day of rest — Amazon is expanding its Sunday delivery service to Houston. The world's larg ...

Food for Thought

Gourmet restaurant delivery is making a comeback in H-Town: New great on-the-go options

By Marene Gustin

One cold rainy day, writing on deadline in sweats with no makeup and uncombed hair, I wanted some Thai food. Didn’t happen. The best I could get delivered was Chinese. It was that or chai ...

Clutch Delivery

Houston's new bike delivery service will bring almost anything to your door 24/7

By Whitney Radley

Admit it, you've been there — hung over and in need of a greasy remedy, in a bathroom bind with no toilet paper in sight, in the middle of baking an intensive dessert when you realize you ...

Foodie News

A beer garden and pizza with pedigree: Volare Original Pizzeria heading to River Oaks

By Sarah Rufca

There are certain things that can't help but catch your attention: The bass line to "Billie Jean," an engagement ring someone could ice skate on, any combination of the words "Pr ...

Beyond Pizza

A restaurant home delivery service for foodies: GrubSquad brings good food to your door

By Sarah Rufca

Here's the situation: You've got an hour, less than $50 and either can't or don't want to run out for food. Until recently your options were pretty much pizza and Chinese food. That ...

Turning the Bridge Blue

It's a healthy baby boy! First baby born in Texas Children's Pavilion for Women is a high-risk success

By Whitney Radley

At 8:16 a.m. on Monday, the brand new Texas Children's Hospital Pavilion for Women saw its first delivery: Brayten Green, a healthy baby boy weighing in at six pounds, six ounces.  ...

Just don't forget the pie

Texas is No. 1 in Thanksgiving to-go orders: Welcome to the Why Cook State

By Whitney Radley

While traditionalists have been compiling grocery lists, making seating arrangements and tablescapes, sorting through time-honored recipes and picking up the very best ingredients for a special Tha ...

Foodie News

Tex-Mex to your desk: Pico's introduces city fajita delivery

By Sarah Rufca

Tired of ordering in pizza and Chinese? Arnaldo Richards has got your number. The owner of Pico's Mex-Mex for the past 26 years, Richards is ready to take his Mexican classics out acro ...

10 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 1
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (10)   Places (0)
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