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Texas Politics

Purple power: Liberals outnumber conservatives in Houston, new study says

By Alex Bentley

Thanks in large part to former President George W. Bush and the high profile of Gov. Rick Perry, Texas is generally viewed as overwhelmingly conservative. But a new study profiled by The Econo ...

The Review Is In

New RoboCop blows by the overrated original as Samuel Jackson's crazy radio host steals the show

By Alex Bentley

Because many studios are hard up for original ideas these days, remaking movies from the 1980s has been all the rage. Fame, Footloose, The Karate Kid, Red Dawn — all of these and more ha ...

NRA Opener

Conservative superstars Palin, Perry and Cruz kick off NRA Convention with attacks on Obama

By Tyler Rudick

There was no shortage of conservative superstars at the George R. Brown Convention Center on Friday, as the Nation Rifle Association kicked off its 146th Annual Meeting with a special forum featuri ...

Watch It For Yourself

Sheila Jackson Lee goes viral, driving Fox News and conservative bloggers insane

By Whitney Radley

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee — who seems to commit a shameless snafu every other time she steps in front of a crowd or a camera — is no stranger to controversy.  In a recent ad ...

Inside the college rankings

University of Texas flexes a party school rep in new rankings, but most beautiful student bodies will surprise

By Whitney Radley

Newsweek and The Daily Beast's College Rankings 2012 are out — just a little too far past the acceptance deadline to be used as a resource for most recent high school gradu ...

What a drag

Video of Michael Berry in gay bar on hit-and-run night surfaces: Conservative host says there are "two sides"

By Sarah Rufca

What could have been a minor car insurance hassle for conservative talk show host Michael Berry is now a scandal that continues to grow. A day after KPRC broke the news that Berry is a suspect ...

Time to panic

Seeing red: Glenn Beck makes Texas moves with a Lone Star mansion in his future

By Sarah Rufca

File this under "No. No. Oh please, God, no." Texas governor and potential Republican candidate Rick Perry appeared (via satellite) on Glenn Beck's show on Monday and talked about ...

Cliff Notes

For once I agree with Ron Paul — Build the mosque near Ground Zero

By Clifford Pugh

After George W. Bush was reelected president in 2004, my partner and I decided to turn our home into a "No Republican" zone and it has pretty much stayed that way ever since. If I like so ...

8 Results. Showing to
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Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (8)   Places (0)