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UH Campus Plan Killed

University of Houston's commuter school label here to stay? Plan to make freshmen live on campus killed

By Heather Staible

The University of Houston's attempt at shaking off its commuter school reputation, requiring all freshman students to live on campus is apparently dead after State Sen. John Whitmire gave the a ...

Designer College Living

What commuter school! University of Houston to debut plush, high tech student apartments

By Whitney Radley

Though University of Houston carried a reputation as a commuter school in the past, students enrolling at the Tier One institution will have more on- or near-campus housing options in the future.&n ...

Hometown Glory

Hold your breath: Houston has some of the worst air in the country — it's cited as a Most Polluted City

By Whitney Radley

In honor of Earth Day week, here's some downer news for all of the air breathers out there: The American Lung Association's recent ranking of the Most Polluted Cities in America puts the Ho ...

Commute Well

Houston's Bike Score is laughably bad, but it's deemed more bikeable than Austin

By Whitney Radley

When I first moved to Houston last year, my No. 1 criteria in a rental property was neighborhood walkability. I needed to be within a few blocks of a grocery store, friends' houses and a f ...

Out of the car

Rewards offered for green commuting: Bike, bus or train to work and get gift certificates

By Whitney Radley

A brisk walk or bicycle ride to work is invigorating; public transit commutes can be stress-free and amusing. For many, it doesn't take much convincing that getting to work in an alternative wa ...

Available for rent too

A penny a mile? Houston's first electric bike store looks to change commuting

By Fayza A. Elmostehi

The bicycle is probably the closest you'll get to the perfect mode of transportation. You aren't polluting the environment, you're getting some exercise and fresh air, you're enjoyi ...

6 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 1
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