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Rail Revelations

All aboard! 205 MPH bullet train between Houston and Dallas is closer than ever

By Tyler Rudick

The federal government is partnering with the Texas Department of Transportation and a private rail company to assess the impact of a long-discussed high-speed train lines between the Dallas area a ...

Hometown Shame

Traffic town: Houston one of worst cities in America for commuter congestion

By Elizabeth Rhodes

Depending on your commute, it may (or may not) surprise you to find out that Houstonians spend an average of 52 hours stuck in traffic per year, placing the Bayou City at No. 6 on the list of the U ...

Give your input

Creating a bike town: Campaign pushes Houston to find its pedal power

By Whitney Radley

Do you bike or use public transit? Or do you dream of cycling to school or work but for fear of potholes and aggressive drivers? The Houston-Galveston Area Council and METRO want to hear from y ...

Snoop or Aerosmith?

Coldplay's OK but not Black Eyed Peas: Top 10 safest — and most dangerous — songs while driving

By Tyler Rudick

Now that Houston is officially the nation's second worst city for commuters, perhaps its time to take our driving music into consideration. A new university study highlighted in The Daily M ...

Bad Traffic

Houston's horrible commute is recognized: Ranked second worst, only behind notorious Atlanta

By Whitney Radley

Are your morning and evening commutes a drag? You're not alone.  Nearly 20 percent of Houston-area residents have a commuting time of 45 minutes or more, according to a commuting index ...

Commute Well

Houston's Bike Score is laughably bad, but it's deemed more bikeable than Austin

By Whitney Radley

When I first moved to Houston last year, my No. 1 criteria in a rental property was neighborhood walkability. I needed to be within a few blocks of a grocery store, friends' houses and a f ...

Getting with the commute

Bikes on a train: METRO debuts new cars with racks to swoon over

By Whitney Radley

As part of an $83 million contract with Siemens, METRO welcomed the first of 19 new H2 S70 trains to its light rail fleet this week. The rest will be added over the next year and a half, takin ...

How about that high-speed rail?

Houston leads the nation in super commuters — including 51,900 who drive to work from Dallas

By Whitney Radley

As if the need for an efficient, high speed rail system in Texas weren't clear enough, take a look at these figures.  A study published by the Rudin Center for Transportation at New Yo ...

Serenity Now

All work and no health care, Houston ranks as one of the most stressful cities in America

By Sarah Rufca

What makes a stressful city? According to Forbes, it's high unemployment, long commutes, long work hours, limited access to health care, being unhealthy and no exercise. Several of these ar ...

Rocking the suburbs

Why I love (and hate) The Woodlands

By Sarah Rufca

I am not from The Woodlands, but I am of the Woodlands. When I was 12 my dad headed south from Dallas to greener suburbs, and until high school I spent many a summer in The Woodlands learning w ...

10 Results. Showing to
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Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (10)   Places (0)

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