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No art in protest

Artists protest alleged mishandling of $830,000 Super Bowl art commission

By Joel Luks

Call it a type of nonviolent resistance by two Houston artists in support of another. Artists Nohelia Vargas Bolivar and Liza Littlefield have requested that their art be removed from Houston C ...

CultureMap Video

Mysterious fireflies inspire a composer to take on crazy 21st century living: Slow down and listen

By Joel Luks

According to Native American folklore, fireflies are remnants of stars that fell from the heavens. A Japanese legend suggests that fireflies are the tears of the child of the moon, her sadness enge ...

Houston Grand Opera presents Bound

Asia Society Texas Center

HGOco, Houston Grand Opera's community collaboration and education initiative, presents Bound, a chamber opera based on the real-life experiences of Diane Tran, a former student at Willis High

Loco for ROCO

Chamber orchestra celebrates Asia with innovative concerts and world premieres

By Joel Luks

The bulk of the repertoire performed by symphony orchestras comprises scores written by bigwigs of the 18th and 19th century plus a handful of 20th century composers. Large classical ensembles &mda ...

What Time Is It?

Houston's historic clock tower gets new life: Market Square Park to be awash in computer chimes

By Joel Luks

Bell towers, the type that anchor public spaces, used to perform a vital everyday function. In addition to signaling the time of day, the tolling of the bells served as a call to worship, marked sp ...

Music Matters

A music festival that looks to the future: Getting collaborative at Anderson Fair

By Joel Luks

It's tradition that the training of young classical musicians begins with the oldies. On the menu are scores of Bach, Beethoven and Brahms and the likes of such giants, a collection that formul ...

Sports Drama

The Bum Phillips opera is taking shape: Yes, this crazy concept needs to happen

By Joel Luks

Hut, hut, hike? Try singing that. Now try singing that without sounding like Mary Poppins. Add some vibrato, a dramatic stare, maybe point at someone as if your life depended on it. The spi ...

Wham, bam — thank you ma'am

A big bang season finale: River Oaks Chamber Orchestra delivers a concert with plenty of 'tude

By Joel Luks

Clunk! Bonk! Kapow! Thwach! Vronk! Zap! Wham, bam — thank you ma'am. With the exception of the "thank you" part, one would think that these onomatopoeic words come straight ...

Big Bang Theory

A musical box of chocolates: Big Bang concert from River Oaks Chamber Orchestra aims to be a journey

By Joel Luks

Here's a sure way to confuse anyone: Tell them you are a percussionist. It isn't like mastering the violin, piano or some obscure cousin of the oboe in which a musician focuses on one p ...

Word Play

What If questions that haunt relationships: Who you ended up with becomes a Musiqa Sphinx

By Joel Luks

Oh, if cars could talk . . . Think about the teenage shenanigans. Think about the road trips. And think about the many personal conversations. Because whatever happens inside the car, stays in ...

27 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 3
Refine By:   Events (5)   Lists (0)   News (22)   Places (0)
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