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Recipe for love

Iron Chef Bryan Caswell gets married — and sings his heart out to his bride

By Shelby Hodge

You could say that on Saturday, uber chef Bryan Caswell was the happiest man on the planet. And well he should have been as that was the day he wed his sweetheart, Jennifer Dell, in a family c ...

Delicious, delicious, delicious

Houston's best foodie event ever: Top restaurant chefs wow big spenders from a makeshift kitchen

By Shelby Hodge

Most of the chefs participating in the Youth Development Center's grand Bon Vivant Houston fundraiser don't need the publicity or the challenge of turning out a gourmet dinner from a makesh ...

Dining In

A twist on tradition: CITYCENTRE chefs dish on unconventional holiday recipes

By Promoted Series Correspondent

Everyone seems to rely upon grandma's pecan pie or mom's latkes during the holiday season. The time is practically synonymous with family kitchen traditions. If you feel it's time t ...

Yummy in the tummy

The most creative food festival ever? 14 top chefs push the limits as 700 eaters rejoice

By Shelby Hodge

Creativity is never lacking when the Houston Design Center holds its biennial International Risotto Festival. Just consider the winning combinations from Sunday's outdoor competition — fi ...

Shelby's Social Diary

Super chefs and country star are key ingredients in Best Cellars Dinner feast

By Shelby Hodge

The T. J. Martell Foundation's Best Cellars Dinner is the one night of the year when gala-goers are guaranteed a superb meal served with exceptional wines. Just ask those who were on hand at Ri ...

Ready Houston Preparedness Kit Chef's Challenge

Discovery Green

The City of Houston Mayor's Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security and the Houston Community Preparedness Collaborative host a first-annual community event to coincide with National Prep

Foodie News

Women food power: All female, all-star chefs make "Bitches for Bitches" an unforgettable meal

By Jodie Eisenhardt

A lucky sold-out crowd of 125 had their taste buds enticed by a talented lineup of all-female chefs, bartenders and wine professionals from Houston and Austin at event space 5226 Elm last week ...

Passionate Professions

Top 5 uniforms that drive women — and some men — wild (hint: it's not a cop)

By Jennifer Chininis

The illustrious, a dating site for anyone working in uniform or hot for those who do, has determined the top five job uniforms that ladies find lust-worthy. Apparently cops aren&r ...

All in good taste

Ultimate foodies night: 21 big-name chefs, 21 gourmet menus & 225 diners make delicious music

By Shelby Hodge

We detected a bit of competition Monday night between the chefs who are veterans of the Bon Vivant fundraiser for the Youth Development Center. Brennan's Danny Trace went Caribbean on his table ...

Foodie News

After a rave review, a big shake up at Roots Bistro

By Sarah Rufca

Usually it's the bad reviews that prompt turnover at restaurants, but less than a week after receiving a delighted review from Alison Cook, executive chef German Mosquera is out at Roots Bistro ...

30 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 3
Refine By:   Events (4)   Lists (0)   News (26)   Places (0)

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