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Hunting Contest Outrage

Controversial Texas Tech cheerleader draws fire — again — for staging "Hot Guy Hunter" contest

By Elizabeth Rhodes

Kendall Jones, a Texas Tech cheerleader and noted figure within the hunting community, is certainly no stranger to controversy. In July, photos of the 19-year-old shown with the carcasses of wi ...

Cheerleader Crime

Stadium janitor preys on University of Houston cheerleaders — and uses the loot at Walmart

By Elizabeth Rhodes

A janitor has been arrested after being charged with stealing credit cards and cellphones from University of Houston cheerleaders at the school's brand-new $120 million stadium. Lt. Br ...

Controversial Appearance

A hero's welcome? Notorious cheerleader hunter signs autographs and poses for pictures in Houston

By Barbara Kuntz

The infamous big-game hunting Texas Tech cheerleader was in Houston over the weekend, this time smiling for photo ops with admiring fans — and not dead animals. Kendall Jones, who drew na ...

Where's Rick Perry?

Step aside, Barbie: New Texas A&M Yell Leader dolls put the cheerleaders to shame

By Barbara Kuntz

Mattel’s recently released University Barbies aren’t all clad in cheerleading outfits with the logo of an educational institution embroidered across their plastic chests. In fact, two d ...

The Uniform Queen

Dallas Cowboys cheerleader becomes breastaurant world's secret weapon: Skimpy and classy?

By Jonathan Rienstra

Terra Saunders knows the secret to a good breastaurant uniform is all a matter of centimeters. Too much material, and you're dealing with baggy, ill-fitting clothes. Too little, and well, the i ...

Cheerleader Knowledge

What it really takes to become an NFL cheerleader: Most Beautiful squad's coach gives Texans tips

By Jayme Lamm

The big day is almost here. Houston Texans Cheerleader tryouts start Saturday. You've detoxed, spray tanned, touched up those roots, whitened your smile and practiced your highest kicks &md ...

Can Of Cute

A Houston Texans cheerleader spills her secrets: From Pro Bowl bonding to nicknames to cut tears

By Jayme Lamm

I'll be the first to admit it: The Pro Bowl is not something I work my schedule around, nor my DVR. Sure, I loved seeing my guys (especially my Virginia boy Duane Brown) get voted in for a ...

news from the octagon

The real story of the hot NFL cheerleader turned fierce MMA cage fighter

By Tyler Rudick

Through the decades, professional cheerleading has proved to be a wonderful starting point for anyone looking to break into the entertainment biz. Teri Hatcher cheered for the San Francisco&nbs ...

Beyond the Boxscore

Tiger Woods' latest Masters trouble? A Dallas Cowboys cheerleader's happy hubby

By Chris Baldwin

HUMBLE — On Tuesday night, during one of those pre-tournament sponsor dinners that professional golfers usually regard as just slightly north of a root canal on the pleasure scale, someone at ...

looking for v-i-c-t-o-r-y

Silsbee cheerleader rape case carries wide-ranging implications for the sport in Texas

By Sarah Rufca

It seems reasonable that raping a high school student should get someone kicked off their sports team. But in Silsbee, a Texas town north of Beaumont, it was the rape victim, not her attacker, who ...

11 Results. Showing to
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