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METRO's Big Boom

Surprise! METRO gets big boost from free service, but how will it fare now?

By Clifford Pugh

METRO officials are crowing about the big boost in ridership that occurred last week with the advent of new bus service that offers more frequency and better connections. But how much of that b ...

METRO's Big Bus Changes

METRO's new bus service: 22 routes that run every 15 minutes — all day, every day (and it's free for a week)

By Elizabeth Rhodes

With Sunday's launch of METRO's new bus network, Houstonians can expect some positive changes in the way they use public transportation, officials say.  And for a week, it's fr ...

Travel Is Luxury

Luxury bus service aimed at road warrior business travelers launches Houston-Dallas route

By Nikki Ndukwe

A new transportation service between Houston and Dallas is aiming to shake up the way Texans travel between the two cities. Vonlane, a 16-seater luxury motor coach service, will begin service ...

Get on the Bus

A new way to travel to Dallas: Luxury bus features wood floors, satellite TV and conference room on wheels

By Jonathan Rienstra

Vonlane, a luxury motor coach company that currently shuttles businesspeople between Dallas and Austin, is adding a new route to Houston beginning April 20. Founder and president Alex Danza says th ...

Rough Morning

Driver error: School bus slams into a tree in Houston, sending 19 kids to hospital

By Heather Staible

A school bus slammed into a tree Tuesday morning, sending 19 students and the bus driver to the hospital. The Houston Fire Department said the bus driver lost control of the bus, hitting a tree ...

Road Reveille

New luxury bus service for Texas A&M football games creates buzz: No stops, TVs and Wi-Fi perks

By Tyler Rudick

A Dallas-based company aiming to reinvent city-to-city bus transit has its sights set on Aggieland . . . and business is booming. This season, Starline Travel Group is packing its bus ...

Transit Booty

METRO loves big buses: More massive accordion buses are taking over Houston's streets

By Whitney Radley

After several years of overcrowded bus routes, METRO is bringing back long buses to Houston's streets. (KUHF's Gail Delaughter first reported the news.)  At a midyea ...

Left Out

Uptown's rapid bus transit plan takes a blow: $460 million proposal voted down by one council

By Whitney Radley

A Houston-Galveston Area Council committee voted not to include the Uptown Management District's proposed Bus Rapid Transit system among the projects included in the governmental plan ...

Island Time

Megabus speeding to Galveston: New $1 route approved as academics deem bus travel "cool"

By Whitney Radley

I will admit that, despite a not-so-hot track record and a cache of horrific photos depicting freak accidents and fatal crashes, I remain an unabashed fan of Megabus.  Since the no-frills ...

the sprawl

METRO referendum is decided, but confusion lingers over future of Houston public transit

By Tyler Rudick

Nov. 6 closed a chapter of one of this election year's most controversial issues — the METRO referendum, a measure allowing the agency to use a portion of additional tax money f ...

20 Results. Showing to
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