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Coffee shop crooks learn not to mess with annoyed baristas: These caffeine lovers are crime fighters

By Tyler Rudick

Burglars in Katy messed with the wrong coffee shop when they broke into a locally-owned cafe to steal hundreds of dollars in cash and equipment. Surveillance cameras recorded two men smashing o ...

Watch the KHOU video

Bizarre Rambo burglar preys on tony Memorial homes, hits conservative talk show host

By Tyler Rudick

Police in the tony Memorial Villages are on the hunt for a bizarre burglar who decks himself out in Rambo-style garb to strike houses near the wooded shores of Buffalo Bayou. Are ...

Kick-In Artists

Daytime burglary spree puts Pearland on edge: Napping college kid foils one, but concern mounts

By Tyler Rudick

Pearland residents are up in arms about a spate of daytime burglaries that have cost homeowners thousands of dollars in stolen goods. At least nine homes have been targeted in less than tw ...

tvs & booze targeted

Serial restaurant burglars finally caught after months of break ins at the same Midtown hotspot

By Tyler Rudick

The owners of award-winning restaurant Reef have reason to celebrate Tuesday after a team of serial burglars was caught red-handed, putting an end to a string of break-ins that plagued the Midtown ...

o no Tannenbaum

Not the most wonderful time of the year: Houston tops the nation in burglaries; December worst month

By Tyler Rudick

Just in time for the holidays, a recent survey of government crime information has ranked Houston at the top of its list for nation's most burgled cities. For a round-up of "insec ...

Foodie News

Restaurant across the street from HPD post is hit by burglars: A crimes against foodies spree?

By Sarah Rufca

It might seem like setting up shop across the street from a Houston Police Department storefront would make a restaurant immune to crime, but it looks like that's not the case. Oak Forest wine ...

KHOU Report

Smash-and-grab thieves raid AT&T store for iPads, iPods & iPhones

By Erin Schwarz

Alarms went off at an AT&T store in north Houston around 4 Wednesday morning as thieves in ski masks staged a daring smash-and-grab burglary. According to a KHOU report, Houston polic ...

KHOU video

Don't mess with my ramen noodles! Paintball gun-toting mom splatters a burglar

By Whitney Radley

Here's a story for the books: As KHOU first reported, Galveston resident Carrie King had a sneaking suspicion that her yardman, Elvis Alexander, was rummaging around her home while th ...

What kind of monster does this?

Dog gone: Houston dognappings continue as Haley and Max stolen from Meyerland home

By Whitney Radley

Last Friday evening, the Fisher family returned to their dark Meyerland home. Karen Fisher initially assumed that the broken glass on the back door was an accident, but upon further reflection, tha ...

Campus Crime

Burglars hit the University of Houston dorms: Students urged to get renters insurance

By Tyler Rudick

Creatures certainly were stirring at the University of Houston this winter break. A number of students returned to UH's main campus to find their dorm rooms stripped of any large valuable i ...

14 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 2
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (14)   Places (0)

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