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Sexy New Houston Shop

Sexy new Houston swimsuit shop says, "Hell yes" to regular women: Where bikinis aren't just fantasies

By Heather Staible

Much like buying jeans, trying on and committing to a swimsuit is an emotional exercise of self acceptance and positive thinking. And, trying really hard not to think of how amazing Gisele Bund ...

Bikini City Rankings

Bikini City rankings laud Houston, while Dallas women need lots of help (and money) to get pool ready

By Kate Bentsen

With the summer heat truly starting to set in, the sun worshipers among us are ready to bring out the beach towels, lather on the sunscreen and spend time by the pool. There may be a couple of ...

Breast City Rises

Breast City rises, set to open: New breastaurant town vows to be Hill Country classy

By Jonathan Rienstra

Certain Texas towns carry near-mythical stature. Places like Shiner and Luckenbach and Marfa are known throughout the country for their quirks and unique flavors. But starting next year, there will ...

Hooker Baristas Exposed

Hooker baristas exposed? Yes, really — coffee shops busted in huge prostitution sting

By Allegra Fradkin

Breastaurants may be all the rage these days, but several Washington state bikini coffee shops have lost all support after a feeble attempt at covering up. Not that covering up was on the menu ...

Hot Bikini Buzz

Bikini Season 101: How to stay sane and love your hot body — no fat questions allowed

By Amy Chien

I know what you’re thinking. “If I have to read one more article about how bikini season is among us, I will kill myself.” Diet fad headlines scream out from the grocery stor ...

Beach Babies & Fake Falls

The Bachelor turns into bikini world as it attempts to set makeout fest records

By Jennifer Chininis

Episode three of The Bachelor started with the obligatory working-out scene, so we can get an eyeful of a shirtless Sean Lowe. But just wait, ladies. There is more shirtlessness to be had, at t ...

Model Fighter

Brooke Burke cancer surgery aftereffects: "Feels like I got hit by a car"

By Whitney Radley

Whether she's wearing a bikini or a ball gown, Brooke Burke-Charvet has always appeared the picture of health. But now she's emerged as a symbol of the cancer fight — with t ...

Eye-catching styles

What's new under the sun: The sexiest suits from Miami Swim Week

By Clifford Pugh

Bold colorblock shades, high-waisted styles and sculpted shapes were on display at Miami Swim Week. Here are the latest swimsuit trends. ...

Where's the crowd?

First impression of the funeral bars: Dig the cabanas, the crazy pool rumor & the bikini chances

By Caroline Gallay

Although it's still unclear when exactly the funeral home bars at 3320 Kirby opened (some say it was two weekends ago, but there's a picture on the swimming pool's Facebook page &m ...

Muscle Magazine Mom

Erica Rose struts her stiletto savvy in new bikini workout video: Who needs clothes to pump iron?

By Steven Thomson

Finals are over, and this summer, Erica Rose is taking a study break from University of Houston Law Center to produce a workout DVD alongside local trainer Cari Shoemate. The pitch? She'll ...

17 Results. Showing to
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Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (17)   Places (0)