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Designer Dish

Miss USA Central: Beauty pageant contestants flock to Houston to consult with the gown whisperer

By Heather Staible

The curved stairway at Elizabeth Anthony/Esther Wolf in Uptown Park took on a bit of a fairy tale feel recently when couture dress designer Gionni Straccia came to Houston. The designer held co ...

Beauty echo

Blame Victoria Beckham for Miss Philippines' double major Miss Universe flub

By Steven Thomson

During the finals of the Miss Universe pageant, 22-year-old fourth runner-up Miss Philippines Venus Raj was asked by judge William Baldwin, "What is one big mistake that you've made in you ...

Strike a Pose

Hats, wings, and skirt murals: Miss Universe contestants go costume-crazy

By Sarah Rufca

Forget  bikinis, evening gowns and cringe-inducing interviews. The best part of the Miss Universe competition is the parade of national costumes. ...

Pageant Brouhaha

Only in America: Lebanese immigrant is new Miss USA and right-wing bloggers go wild

By Clifford Pugh

Here's a story that could only happen in America. At a time when immigration is a hot topic and anyone with a Middle Eastern name is subject to an airport search, the new Miss USA is a Lebanese ...

Not just Miss Michigan's moment

Topless tycoon triumph: Donald Trump & sexy lingerie the real Miss USA winners

By Chris Baldwin

Technically, Miss Michigan Rima Fakih — a 24-year-old Arab American brunette beauty — won the Miss USA Pageant tonight. But that's not the real score. No, this year's Miss U ...

5 Results. Showing to
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