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Food Trip

The best beach restaurants: The food's almost good as the surf in this Texas beach town

By Melissa Gaskill

Summertime at the beach means sun and surf, of course, but good meals play an important role in the vacation experience, too. The quintessential Texas beach town of Port Aransas offers up dozens of ...

Island Life

Not exactly Jaws: Shark bite brings national attention to Galveston and shocked teen, but island vets are unfazed

By Kate Bentsen

A shark bite in shallow standing water? That's what a Bellaire teen is dealing with after a routine Galveston beach day turned into a national news story. Fourteen-year-old Mikaela Med ...

Bikini City Rankings

Bikini City rankings laud Houston, while Dallas women need lots of help (and money) to get pool ready

By Kate Bentsen

With the summer heat truly starting to set in, the sun worshipers among us are ready to bring out the beach towels, lather on the sunscreen and spend time by the pool. There may be a couple of ...

28th Annual AIA Houston SandCastle Competition

For more than two decades, Houston area architects, designers, engineers and contractors have taken their tools to East Beach in Galveston for one of the world's largest amateur sandcastle comp

2014 Galveston Island Beach Revue

During the 1920s and early 1930s, Galveston was host to the Pageant of Pulchritude — the predecessor to the Miss Universe Pageant — which has been resurrected by Islander By Choice as a

58th Annual Sylvan Beach Festival

The 58th Annual Sylvan Beach Festival is sponsored by the La Porte-Bayshore Chamber of Commerce. Friday's activities include live entertainment, food, a carnival and a cook-off. Friday nigh

Beerfooter 5K Beach Run

The Beerfooter 5K is the perfect opportunity to run along Galveston's beaches and enjoy good eats and drinks. The run will begin on the beach across the street from Beerfoot and head west. Walk

Catch a wave

Surf's up! Houston reality star returns with a new Mark Cuban-approved workout

By Tyler Rudick

Reality TV bad boy Kalon McMahon has returned to his native Houston after more than a year of living in Manhattan Beach near Los Angeles — and he's brought a piece of the West C ...

Galveston Beach Drama

Move over wildlife — the millionaires are here! New luxury beach town to spring up by Galveston refuge

By Tyler Rudick

Herds of construction workers will join the egrets, herons and terns of Follet's Island in November as an Arizona time share company breaks ground on a luxury beach communit ...

Tattered Jeans

Escaping cellphone society: In this throwback town, homemade signs rule the land

By Katie Oxford

Grayton Beach, Fla., is a world apart. When you turn off of 30-A, you get a sense of the place right away. Little bungalows on either side of the road rest comfy like in lush green vegetation. ...

42 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 5
Refine By:   Events (12)   Lists (0)   News (30)   Places (0)
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