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Hometown Shame

Say it ain't so! Houston exposed as one of the worst tipping cities in America in new study

By Nikki Ndukwe

Houston may have a booming food and nightlife scene, but its citizens are bad tippers, according to a recent study. Compensation website has ranked the major Un ...

Travel Guide

Off the beaten path in Las Vegas: A guide to Sin City beyond the Strip, money slots & big shows

By Cindy Widner

Here's the thing about Las Vegas: From 1931 to oh, about three years ago, you pretty much knew what to expect. Gambling and gamblers were the main event, of course, but you could (and still ...

World Cup Viewing Guide

Where to Watch the World Cup: Sooooooooo many choices to get in on the action

By Kate Bentsen

The World Cup is back, which means it's the one time every four years that even casual U.S. sports fans pay attention to international soccer football. While you can always watch the games at h ...

San Antonio Foodie Guide

Explore San Antonio's dining scene: 10 don't-miss culinary hot spots in the Alamo City

By Rachael Abrams

Restaurants in Dallas, Austin and Houston may get more time in the spotlight, but San Antonio has a culinary scene worth exploring. With trendy Pearl Brewery bursting with eclectic restaurants and ...

The Flat Reimagined

What's new under the Sun: Montrose's hippest hangout bar gets a new vibe — thanks to a hot DJ

By Clifford Pugh

The Flat,  the hip Montrose bar on the Commonwealth curve, is celebrating a rejuvenation as DJ Sun puts his stamp on the surroundings. The popular Houston disc jockey has joined forc ...

Houston's Best New Bars

Houston's Best New Bars: How drinking in the city changed forever this year

By Eric Sandler

In my picks for Houston's best new restaurants, I offered the opinion that none of the places that have opened this year (at least through the end of November) are likely to rise to the same le ...

Bar Parking Controversy

New Washington Avenue bar parking system could spread throughout Houston: Called a trial run

By Whitney Radley

It took a while, but nearly five months after Houston City Council approved the first citywide Parking Benefit District for the Washington Avenue corridor, the meters started charging at ...

Signs of the Apocalypse

A corrupt system? Yelp & other reviewers offered a card that will get them special treatment

By Jonathan Rienstra

I have never met Brad Newman. It’s entirely possible that he is friendly and genuine. He might volunteer his time to help the needy. He might have rescued several dogs from a shelter. He migh ...

A spirited evening

Open Christmas night: Houston bars continue the holiday spirit with festive cocktail specials

By Darla Guillen

When all of the Christmas gifts have been unwrapped and the Bûche de Noël and ham devoured, come out and find a sippable present that wasn't under the tree. You can stay in the h ...

Bars we love

Hooked on The Refinery: 10 reasons why this burgers & whiskey bar is too much fun

By Amy Chien

I'm not going to lie: After struggling to find a table at The Refinery during a Texans' big win on Monday night a few weeks ago (we ended up sharing one with some interesting character ...

34 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 4
Refine By:   Events (2)   Lists (0)   News (31)   Places (1)