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Big Barbecue Fight

Ronnie Killen fires back at uppity Austin pitmaster; plans to prove that Houston BBQ is great

By Eric Sandler

Ronnie Killen is fed up. The chef/owner of Killen's Barbecue is tired of seeing Houstonians fawn over Austin-based pitmasters like John Lewis of La Barbecue and John Mueller. On November 1 ...

Burned Down Restaurant Rebuilds

Out of the smoke: Burned down barbecue restaurant vows to rebuild after still unsolved fire

By Eric Sandler

In the barbecue game, getting the right amount of smoke is critical. Too little, and the meat tastes like pot roast. Too much, and it tastes like an ashtray. Of course, where there's smoke, the ...

Montrose's New Barbecue Spot

Montrose finally gets a worthy barbecue spot — and it's still under the radar (for now)

By Eric Sandler

When contemplating which neighborhood is the best for dining, it's hard to top Montrose. Over the past couple of years, staples like Indika and Dolce Vita have been enhanced by Uchi, Under ...

Pix of the Day

Priceless photo of laughing Obama and pouty Perry spawns caption contest

By Teresa Gubbins

President Obama's visit to Dallas earlier this week produced a photo showing a scowling Gov. Rick Perry that has become a caption contest across Facebook. The photo from a meeting that ...

Foodie News

One of Houston's best barbecue joints is taking a summer vacation, but they'll be back

By Eric Sandler

Over the past couple of years, CorkScrew BBQ in Spring has emerged as one of the Houston area's most highly-regarded barbecue joints, earning a spot in CultureMap's list of Houston's 10 ...

Underrated Houston Barbecue

Real underrated Houston barbecue: These blood brothers bring extra spice to the city's meat craze

By Eric Sandler

Even as Killen's Barbecue has taken the Houston area by storm, the city continues to produce a new breed of pitmasters who want to show off their craft. One such example of this new breed ...

Pappa Charlies Barbeque and Feges BBQ host "Some Traditional Que, Some Not"

The menu includes brisket, ribs, turducken sausage and dirty rice, brisket mac 'n' cheese, beef belly, pimento cheese grits with watermelon barbecue sauce, pork sundae (pulled pork ove

"Barbecue and Bourbon" with Jim Beam

Join Fred Noe, seventh generation Jim Beam master distiller and great-grandson of Jim Beam, for a dinner and cocktail pairing at Killen's Barbecue as he shares the rich heritage of his family&#

Houston's Own Franklin Barbecue

A new restaurant with Franklin Barbecue cred plans to open in Houston, but London also wants in

By Eric Sandler

Tucked away in a far corner of the Houston Barbecue Festival stood a pit master with a Franklin Barbecue pedigree. While festival attendees waited in long lines for big names like Killen's Barb ...

Foodie News

Backhanded barbecue compliment: Houston ranked the 5th best "big city" barbecue spot in America

By Jennifer Chininis

There have been many great debates about the best barbecue joints in the country. And, if you believe Texas Monthly, they are all in Texas. Travel + Leisure readers tend to agree that the major ...

67 Results. Showing to
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Refine By:   Events (11)   Lists (0)   News (54)   Places (2)

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