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Up In The Air

New nonstop flights from IAH add international clout: Houston's suddenly got Seoul

By Clifford Pugh

Houston travelers rejoice: It continues to get easier to fly between Houston and the Far East. The latest airline to announce new service: Korean Air, which plans nonstop flights bet ...

Travel Smart

Visit Houston and you'll pay: City hits travelers with one of the biggest tax burdens in the U.S.

By Elizabeth Rhodes

Houston is no cheap date. At least not for tourists or business travelers. According to a 2013 report from the Global Business Travel Association, taxes levied specifically on travel and relate ...

Jerry & Marvy Finger Lecture Series: 1940 Air Terminal By Michael Bludworth

The 1940 Air Terminal Museum is housed in the original art deco Houston Municipal Airport building at the present-day William P. Hobby Airport. Michael Bludworth, volunteer historian at the museum,

Fly Smart

Houston's ancient airport hotel is in line for a $40 million makeover

By Eric Sandler

"Not only does it have that 1960s architecture, it's just in need of a full-blown renovation," said Ian Wadsworth, the Houston Airport System's chief commercial officer. "It ...

Wild Spaceport Plans

Crazy futuristic plans are revealed for Houston's new spaceport — and officials insist it's happening

By Tyler Rudick

Just the word spaceport fills the mind with images of bizarre aircraft, strange lights and other-worldly architecture . . . which is exactly what the Houston Airport System (HAS) has planned for sl ...

Fly Smart

The best airport in America? Believe it or not, it's Bush Intercontinental Airport

By Desiree Alvarez

In you have to read it to believe it news, George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) has been named the best airport in the entire country. That's right, No. 1 in America. It tur ...

Up In the Air

Airplane food that's not horrible? United Airlines tries to change the game with new menu

By Eric Sandler

United Airlines is trying to change airplane food's well-deserved bad rap. The airline has introduced a new series of Choice Menu "Bistro on Board" selections, giving coach passen ...

No baggage?

Making flying sexy: Hooking up at the airport is easy thanks to a new niche dating website

By Allegra Fradkin

Missed your connection? Not necessarily. Long gone are the days of Ross chasing Rachel through the airport to tell her how he feels. Now all he has to do is create a profile at MeetAtTheAirport ...

Travel Buzz

Sleeping at the airport takes on a whole wild new dimension as mini suites spread

By Rachael Abrams

Like millions of other travelers, I've been the victim of missed flight connections because of ill-timed airport layovers. Most recently, I was on my way to Key West, Fla., when I got stuck in ...

CultureMap Exclusive

Airport dining suddenly got cool: Reef team opening a new IAH restaurant with celeb chef power

By Whitney Radley

Does a Reef by any other name taste as sweet? Though Bill Floyd and chef Bryan Caswell had to do some fancy footwork with the wording, they think they landed on the perfect name for their ...

27 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 3
Refine By:   Events (1)   Lists (0)   News (26)   Places (0)

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