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Three California Wineries Dinner

Ouisie's Table

Ouisie's Table Restaurant and California wine makers Quintessa, Flowers Vineyard & Winery and Faust will present a five-course pairing dinner. The evening begins in Bear's Garden, the r

Pre-Father's Day Wine Tasting

The Saturday before Father's Day, French Country Wines hosts a free wine tasting of half-a-dozen French wines that pair well with barbecue — whether that's beef, pork, sausage or wild

Houston's Best Sommeliers

Houston's best restaurant sommeliers spill their wine secrets: What you should be drinking right now

By Eric Sandler

There's no shortage of wine gurus in Houston — the talent nominated for Best Sommelier/Beverage Director in the CultureMap Tastemakers Awards proves as much. But how about ...

Houston's premier gathering spot

The glass is always half full with The Tasting Room at Uptown Park's wine by the glass program

By Promoted Series Correspondent

Santa Claus delivers toys to good girls and boys all around the world. The Tasting Room at Uptown Park delivers happiness to their guests through an extensive and well-thought-out wine program, in ...

Houston's premier gathering spot

The Gathering Room: The Tasting Room at Uptown Park is a real crowd pleaser

By Promoted Series Correspondent

The Houston dining and drinking scene has always been overwhelmingly large, but as of late has exploded into cosmic proportions. However, the increase in options doesn't mean an increase option ...

Houston's premier gathering spot

The happiest hours: The Tasting Room at Uptown Park offers up all-day deals for elation and then some

By Promoted Series Correspondent

The Tasting Room at Uptown Park's "happy hour" could be more accurately referred to as "seven hours of elation." How else to describe the 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. window of discoun ...

Wine Lovers

Guaranteed sex on Valentine's Day? Great sommeliers give their best seduction tips

By Matt McGinnis

Everybody wants to get laid, and Valentine’s Day is either a blessing or a curse when it comes to the pursuit of it. It’s potentially an excuse to have hot monkey sex with your partner, ...

local flavor for less

The state of Texas wines: Can Lone Star blends hold their own in taste and price?

By Rob Moshein

I held a double-blind tasting recently. Ostensibly, the panel was told that I was researching "value for the price point" and that they would only know the varietal or blend and the cost. ...

"Beat the Summer Heat"

The Tasting Room—Uptown Park

What pairs perfectly with Texas heat? Wine and grilling. The Tasting Room hosts a wine and food tasting featuring 30 wines and summer recipes prepared and grilled by Executive Chef Michael Kramer.

Houston Symphony's Maestro's Wine Dinner

Jones Hall

Houston Symphony's Annual Maestro's Wine Diner provides a warm and intimate atmosphere with a multi-course dinner designed by Jackson and Company. The evening also includes a wine auction.

10 Results. Showing to
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Refine By:   Events (4)   Lists (0)   News (6)   Places (0)

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