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Iconic Skyscraper Goes Green

Iconic Houston skyscraper earns coveted Green status after uber modern makeover

By Shelby Hodge

International real estate firm Hines is on a high, literally and figuratively, after the redesign of its Galleria-area office has earned a coveted platinum certification under the U.S. Gr ...

View From Inside

FotoFest battles stereotypes and ignorance with an unprecedented look at the Arab world

By Tyler Rudick

Following its acclaimed 2012 exploration of Russian photography, the FotoFest Biennial returns Saturday with some of the biggest names in contemporary art from the Arab world. In a massive four ...

No zoning blues

Ashby redux? Well-heeled neighborhood battles iconic Houston developer over San Felipe high-rise

By Tyler Rudick

With a lawsuit against the Ashby High Rise successfully heading to court in November, a River Oaks-area group is mounting a battle of its own against one of the city's most revered developers. ...

Higher and Higher

Galleria area skyline is looking up: Another new office tower is on its way

By Ralph Bivins

The Uptown/Galleria area is getting another major office tower – a 30-story skyscraper that will make another big splash on the neighborhood’s skyline. Construction started Monday ...

Luxury Tower Controversy

New Museum District luxury apartment tower concerns homeowners: Will history be needlessly bulldozed?

By Tyler Rudick

A city block filled with vintage buildings is at the center of a new debate in the Museum District, as respected Houston-based developer Hines looks to build a 20-story apartment tower on the site ...

Big money in the sky

Iconic Houston skyscraper officially changes hands after a near $420 million sale

By Ralph Bivins

Hines announced that Hines Real Estate Investment Trust has closed the sale of the iconic 64-story Williams Tower connected to The Galleria to a fund managed by Invesco Real Estate. The sales price ...

Shelby's Social Diary

Houston's biggest NBA legend teams up with superstar heart surgeon for an unexpected mission

By Shelby Hodge

What a clever meeting of two giants from two vastly different worlds — NBA great Hakeem Olajuwon and world-renowned heart surgeon Dr. Denton Cooley teaming up for a Texas Heart Institute ...

The Tower formerly known as Transco

Iconic Houston skyscraper is for sale as Galleria-area leasing rates skyrocket

By Ralph Bivins

Williams Tower, the iconic 64-story office building adjacent to The Galleria, is being marketed for sale to sophisticated investors around the world. The beacon-topped tower, at one time known ...

Real Estate Round-up

Gerald Hines' best customer re-ups, apartment rents rise & Firethorne gets sale happy

By Ralph Bivins

There are repeat customers. Then, there are repeat, repeat, repeat customers. Rowan Companies has leased its office space from Gerald D. Hines since 1969. And Rowan is going to stay with Hines. ...

Real Estate Round-up

Roger Staubach says it's easy being "green"

By Ralph Bivins

Roger Staubach used to be the best quarterback to play football in the state of Texas. Known as “Roger the Dodger” because he could run as well as he could throw, Staubach led the ...

11 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 2
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (10)   Places (1)

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