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New Celeb Restaurant

Funky Chicken's celebrity chef finally opens a Houston restaurant worthy of buzz — and maybe best burger talk

By Eric Sandler

Bradley's Fine Diner is the restaurant Houston has been waiting for. At least, the part of Houston that's patronized Funky Chicken, Ogden's fast casual would be Chipotle of roasted and ...

New Washington Ave. Restaurant

A new restaurant aims to help the Washington Ave. party scene grow up

By Eric Sandler

Typically, when a restaurant closes "for renovations," it means "closed forever." Don't throw the Washington Ave Drinkery into that group. The space is actuall ...

Real Estate Rumblings

Houston's most popular neighborhood reaches new Heights, but Washington Ave makes a surprise charge

By Tyler Rudick

Which Houston neighborhood reigns supreme? In terms of hot real estate at least, it's becoming clear. has revealed the list of the most-searched Houston neighborhoods on its popu ...

Justin Bieber Beergate

Justin Bieber's Houston strip club beergate night is overblown: TABC admits photo isn't enough

By Tyler Rudick

While Justin Bieber may have won the heart of a local stripper this weekend, the singer's rowdy Houston weekend is not sitting as well with state officials. The Texas Alcoholic Beverag ...

Washington Ave Grows Up

New upscale Southern restaurant to open in historic building off Washington: Is the party zone growing up?

By Eric Sandler

As Washington Avenue clubs continues to undergo a period of upheaval, a new restaurant promising "Southern, upscale cuisine" is set to open in a historic home at 908 Henderson Street. As ...

A Paris Bar For Houston

New Washington Ave bar aims to channel Paris' night club scene — miniature Eiffel Tower included

By Amy Chien

A bartender at Anvil once told me that you can tell a customer’s personality by where they stand at the bar. If they stand near the entrance, they’re most likely an alpha male, trying t ...

Dress Code Enforced

New owner plans Washington Avenue "sports bar with class;" insists he's not racist

By Desiree Alvarez

Saleem Fernandez, the owner of Social Junkie, the new sports bar opening next month in the old Sawyer Park digs on Washington Avenue, is changing the layout, look and decor of the bar, and hop ...

CultureMap Exclusive

Shut-down Washington Avenue bar to be reborn as a sports bar — again: Remodel and reopening on tap

By Desiree Alvarez

The space that housed the once-hot and often-troubled Sawyer Park sports bar is set to be reborn . . .  as a new Washington Avenue sports bar. Adam Karam — owner of Houston ...

Hello Caddy Shack

New bar/grill with a neighborhood hangout vibe set to open on Washington Ave

By Desiree Alvarez

From the ashes of the Broken Spoke Cafe, which burned and subsequently closed last year, rises yet another ambitious watering hole/eatery along the Washington Avenue corridor. Hello, Caddy Shack Ba ...

First Look

New Midtown bar with great elevated views vows to be free of any attitude — or dress code

By Desiree Alvarez

More details are emerging on Midtown's newest "American craft beer" bar. Fidan Baca, partner and marketing manager for ownership group KCH Entertainment, is sharing exclusiv ...

43 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 5
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (36)   Places (7)

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