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Gardening Lecture: Growing Tomatoes by Dianne Norman

There are more than 100 varieties of tomatoes. Dianne Norman will introduce you to heirlooms that do well in Houston as well as hybrids that have great flavor. She will also share secrets of growin

Gardening Class: Container Herb Garden

Want fresh herbs at your fingertips but don't have a lot of space? Ed Dreier will show you how to create your own specialized herb garden, growing herbs that you can use in your kitchen. He wil

Lecture: "Bareroot Fruit Trees & Care"

Dianne Norman will discuss best varieties, how to care, prune and plant fruit trees and other bareroot plants. She will also talk about chill hours and how it affects fruit trees. Some trees will n

Lecture: "Planting the Fall Garden" by Dianne Norman

Fall is a great time to plant due to cooler temperatures. Learn how to prepare your vegetable garden beds, what to plant and get tips on what varieties of vegetables grow best in Houston and surrou

Rainwater Harvesting Class

Give your plants the water they really want — rain water. Learn how to catch the rain from your roof for your garden needs. For most roofs in Houston, the amount of rain you can catch is basi

Veggie Cooking Class

A vegetable garden becomes successful when veggies land on your plate. There are simple ways to eat everything that is grown in your garden — even foragables that grow in your yard naturally.

Lecture: Introduction to Chickens by John Berry

Backyard chickens are more popular than ever. Learn poultry basics including food, shelter, care and what chicken is right for you. There will be plenty of question-and-answer time included at the

Lecture: "Honey Extractor Day" by John Berry

Looking for an efficient way to extract honey? Sign up for a two-hour class to harvest your honey. Wabash will have uncapping and extracting equipment available. This is an economical solution for

Lecture: Drip Irrigation by Clare LaGrue

What is drip irrigation? And why do you need it? How important is it? Learn how to conserve water by setting up drip irrigation in your garden, beds and containers to save on water bills. This will

Lecture by John Berry: Introduction to Beekeeping

Honeybees are an integral part of the food production system. You can enjoy the benefits of their pollination and honey more easily than you might think. Join  for a two-hour class meant to he

18 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 2
Refine By:   Events (17)   Lists (0)   News (1)   Places (0)