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Spring Fashion Preview

Capote, Ab Fab and the Caribbean figure into Cesar Galindo's fashion getaway

By Clifford Pugh

NEW YORK — Cesar Galindo is a traveling man. A recent trip to the Caribbean inspired the Houston born-and-raised designer to create a colorful spring 2015 collection for his Czar by ...

He'll be back

Opera Vista's Viswa Subbaraman heads for Milwaukee but hopes for further Houston collaborations

By Joel Luks

It wasn't that long ago that Opera Vista was warming up to intone its swan song. A jack-of-all-trades, founder and maestro Viswa Subbaraman needed to reenergize his board, reorga ...

Final performance Friday night

Opera Vista boosts boundaries of contemporary opera with controversial, unforgettable Powder Her Face

By Theodore Bale

“They wrote songs about me,” the Duchess sings defiantly time and again during the course of Thomas Adès and Philip Hensher’s Powder Her Face. Apparently she’s referr ...

Touting "Powder Her Face"

Opera Vista celebrates fifth anniversary with "Dirty Duchess Party"

By Ruchi Mukherjee

Everyone loves a great party and if the key words are good food, great music and promising to be dirty then you are assured to get a crowd. In this case partygoers gathered for the "Dirty Duch ...

Don't Miss List

Fall arts faves include collaborative ventures, distinctive operas & a touch of scandal

By Theodore Bale

Editors Note: We've asked Houston arts leaders and CultureMap contributors to pick the jewels from Houston's upcoming arts season — the events that they don't plan to miss. Here&# ...

Great grapes

In vino veritas: Our Messina Hof contest winners prove that wine is more than a beverage

By Fayza A. Elmostehi

If there's one thing we know, dear reader, it's that Houston loves its wine. When we asked you on Facebook to tell us about your love affair with wine, you told us — and you told ...

An Opera Vista Dream

Grab your stripper poles! Bringing opera to a nightclub, skimpy outfits included

By Joel Luks

A stripper pole may not be the quintessential opera prop. But then again, Opera Vista isn't your granny's opera either. As art in bars becomes progressively mainstream, the idea of incl ...

Opera Vista presents Vera of Las Vegas

Rich's [closed]

Opera Vista's production of Vera of Las Vegas, by Daron Hagen and Pulitzer Prize-winner Paul Muldoon, tells the story of two ex-IRA operatives on the run from the INS and two rogue MI

American Idol-style competition

A Boston Legal opera, Voir Dire, takes top spot in Opera Vista competition

By Joel Luks

The  2011 Opera Vista Festival final round allowed four composers one last chance to make a case for their work, hoping to earn a spot in the company's 2011-2012 season. Given th ...

Who will win?

The Final Four: Opera Vista Festival compositions are sexy, funny, legal & gay(er)

By Joel Luks

Pretty music makes us like a character. Ugly music has the opposite effect. Think Smurfs and Gargamel.  This attitude was expressed numerous times by the judges at the 2011 Opera Vist ...

15 Results. Showing to
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Refine By:   Events (1)   Lists (0)   News (14)   Places (0)