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"Tapas on the Trails" at Houston Arboretum and Nature Center

Houston Arboretum and Nature Center

This special evening features a romantic walk on softly lit trails with stops throughout the forest to dine on the delicious courses paired with carefully chosen wines. The evening ends at the Mead

Pleas For Help

Teen lover's mysterious Valentine's disappearance baffles the police: Car wrecked, only shoes found

By Tyler Rudick

A cloud of mystery continues to surround the bizarre disappearance of Antonio Saldivar — the high school junior who vanished this weekend while delivering a Valentine's Day gift. The ...

Lovely Bonus

A Valentine's Day surprise: Houston Symphony is putting on a free last-minute concert

By Joel Luks

Houston's weather may be playing nice just in time for Valentine's Day. But over yonder in the Yankeelands of the Northeast, Cupid must be suffering from a broken heart as snow storms conti ...

KHOU & CultureMap

Sex on a plate: The Pope promotes sexy, "mood" food for Valentine's Day

By Eric Sandler

Obviously, the Pope is an expert on the best foods to eat for setting the proper Valentine's Day mood. No, not the Bishop of Rome, that would be silly. Rather, for this week's CultureM ...

Calendar Closeup

Your weekly guide to Houston: Five (plus) don't-miss events — roach races included

By Joel Luks

On tap this week — with plenty of options to save you from Valentine's Day last-minute planning — is the opening of a wild exhibition, a smarty pants party, a chamber opera abo ...

VauLt Houston's Third Annual Valentine's Burlesque Show

Join VauLt for the company's third annual Valentine's burlesque show. This evening of sexy, sophisticated fun choreography is by students and teachers of VauLt Houston, in addition to a per

Valentine's Day Beer & Cheese Pairing at the Brewery

Saint Arnold Brewing Company

Saint Arnold Brewing Co. pairs beers with Texas-made cheeses selected and brought by the Houston Dairymaids. The evening is perfect for couples and those without dates. A few of the cheesemake

Procrastinator's Guide to Valentine's Day

The Procrastinator's Guide to Valentine's Day: Why no restaurant reservation is no problem

By Eric Sandler

Valentine's Day is Friday, and, frankly, anyone who expects to book a reservation at a high-profile restaurant this late in the game is kidding him or herself. That's OK. A table at Vic ...

Sex & Photos

Sexting is America's new favorite pastime — with strangers welcome: New sex study shocks with truth

By Claire St. Amant

Valentine's Day is nearly here, and according to a new survey, most Americans will be exchanging more than just flowers and chocolates. The 2014 McAfee "Love, Relationships and Technology ...

Art collaboration: "Drogo's View: A Symphony for the Senses"

Inspired by the life and story of Saint Drogo the Ugly, local artists Nicholas Papas, Jim John Marks and Alan Richards share their perception of what it was like for Saint Drogo to live as a hermit

97 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 10
Refine By:   Events (42)   Lists (0)   News (55)   Places (0)

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