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Call Anytime

2-1-1 equals help: United Way HELPLINE brings hope and expert assistance to Texans in need

By Promoted Series Correspondent

Many of us will never know what it feels like to face life’s challenges alone, without family or friends to turn to for help. Many of us will never know what it feels like to be scared and wi ...

Making A Difference

United Way young professionals group provides a crucial LINC to a better Houston

By Promoted Series Correspondent

The face of the nation’s workplace is fast-changing, reflecting a new generation that will soon outnumber baby boomers. These early-career professionals, born between 1980 and 2000, are expec ...

Party Watch

"Alice in Wonderland" gala honors advocates of early childhood education

By Shelby Hodge

What: Collaborative for Children "Alice in Wonderland" gala. Where: Hotel ZaZa. The 411: Kristy and Chris Bradshaw and Heidi and Marcus Smith, both couples with young children, ch ...

Bayou Preservation Association's 11th Annual Symposium

Houston is called the Bayou City, but with 2,500 miles of waterways, why don't we see people swimming, splashing around or sitting along the banks? Bayou Preservation Association's 11th

Shelby About Town

Texas Children's throws a house party, Latin Women rock Tootsies & United Way femmes frolick

By Shelby Hodge

When Barbara and Michael Feigin took over MainStreet America for an evening benefiting Texas Children's Hospital, they launched a fresh approach to charitable fundraising.  The dozen s ...

Shelby About Town

Top-tier United Way donors commit $15 million to the cause, $1 million more than last year

By Shelby Hodge

If there is any question about this city's generosity, one need look no further than the United Way and its premier donor group, the Alexis de Tocqueville Society. With 800 participants, those ...

Mad Housers Cred

Let them live in Mods! Novel huts for the homeless plan touted by daring Republican council member

By Tyler Rudick

Noted Houston chiropractor and right-leaning city council member Jack Christie recently proposed a rather far out solution for the city's homeless population — micro-housing. As the H ...

THRIVE-ing with Bright Beginnings

Financially stable families and success in schools are the keys to Houston's future

By Anna Babin

Editor's Note:  In celebration of Houston's 175th anniversary, we asked leaders to imagine the city's future. In this essay, United Way of Greater Houston president/CEO A ...

Shelby's Social Diary

Remembering Clara Barton: Women's role in Red Cross is celebrated and encouraged

By Shelby Hodge

The United Way isn't the only game in town when it comes to generating serious commitments from individuals giving on a personal level. Welcome the American Red Cross Tiffany Circle, which expa ...

United Way Classic Car Show at Budweiser Brewery

Beer. Cars. Free. Men's dreams come true at the "United Way Bud Classic Car Show." Displaying over 250 cars in the Annheuser-Busch brewery, the event includes a charity auction and ov

11 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 2
Refine By:   Events (2)   Lists (0)   News (9)   Places (0)

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