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The CultureMap Interview

Texas' next top jewelry designer, featured on True Blood, makes Academy Awards debut

By Rachael Abrams

Jeannie Vianney has had quite the ride. She went from studying computer science at the University of Texas to working at IBM to starting her own jewelry line. Then, in 2011, her delicate, lace-cast ...

Spoiler alert

A bloody good, bad & WTF mess: Mopping up True Blood's explosive finale

By Tarra Gaines

As season five of HBO’s gothic southern soap opera, True Blood, drew to a close Sunday night, I was reminded of the old adage about storytelling: Content must dictate form. So perhaps it&rsqu ...

Where are all the bodies buried?

Bring out your dead: True Blood unearths vamps, werewolves & intrigue in season 5 opener

By Tarra Gaines

Supernatural television shows are almost always populated with lots of dead characters. But usually those dead people slink around as sexy, shirtless ghosts and vampires or at least lurch around as ...

Deathy delicious drinks

Bewitching cocktails for any ghoulish get-together, complete with eyeball garnishes

By Marcy de Luna

Get into the Halloween spirit with a different sort of spirit . . . kick the fun factor up a notch with some of these festive and tasty cocktails that no ghost or ghoul could resist: Stop by Va ...

Not Nan

The season of the bitch ends in deaths & messy threesomes: Where True Blood goes from here

By Tarra Gaines

Did you see that beautiful full moon Sunday night, Houston? It certainly provided ambient lighting for a final visit to Bon Temps, Louisiana, the hometown of HBO’s ratings-gorging supernatura ...

Southern gothic shenanigans

Crazy love: Vampires, faeries & witches kick off True Blood 's supernatural summer

By Tarra Gaines

It’s a hot, muggy summer out there and we all know what that means. It’s time once again for our Sunday night trips across the state line to Bon Temps, La., for a visit with Sookie Stac ...

Who ordered all the shirts?

Insane True Blood finale truths: Sookie & Bill need to break apart, fairies are lame & Denis O'Hare rules

By Tarra Gaines

Season 3 of HBO’s Southern Gothic vampire show, True Blood, ended Sunday night and, in an absolutely shocking first for the show, the entire cast kept their shirts on for the whole hour. What ...

Vampire pleasures

Does anyone wear a shirt in Bon Temps? Ever? True Blood makes a glistening return

By Tarra Gaines

The days of hundred degree heat in Houston are upon us, so it’s time to head inside to cuddle with our beloved air conditioners and perhaps see what the summer TV season has to offer. If you& ...

Music Matters

True Blood not just soft-core vampire porn: It's rock with bite

By Jim Beviglia

Full disclosure:  I’m not really a fan of True Blood, the Southern gothic vampire series on HBO which has become quite the cultural phenomenon. I must admit that I tried to pick it u ...

Who's your vampire?

Taking a bite out of boring PSAs: Anna Paquin's blurt out

By Caroline Gallay

True Blood's Anna Paquin announced she was bisexual on April 1, but she wasn't kidding around. Although the Oscar-winning former child star is engaged to co-star Stephen Moyer, she used ...

10 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 1
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (10)   Places (0)
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