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Oscar countdown

Foolproof guide to Oscar gold: Every Academy Award winner is named here (we hope)

By Duncan Carson

There is an entire Internet subculture devoted to predicting the Oscars. Like sporting events, it has its own Vegas odds-makers, and several blogs are devoted to handicapping the ceremony. Hard and ...

Movies Are My Life

Oscar controversy: Nomination snubs and shocks raise real questions, from Bigelow to Django

By Joe Leydon

Snubs. Upsets. Cinderella stories. On Thursday morning, members of the Motion Picture Academy offered, in true Hollywood fashion, a whole bunch of unexpected twists while advancing the narrative of ...

And the hits just keep on coming

Movie madness: 10 must-see summer flicks — from vampire-hunting prez to Jane Fonda's hippie ways

By Joe Leydon

Well now this is weird: It’s not even Memorial Day yet, and we movie fans may have already seen the biggest hit of the summer. Indeed, judging from the disappointing grosses for Dark Shadows ...

Man in Black

Tommy Lee Jones for Texas governor? A new PSA has Dems excited over the possibility

By Caroline Gallay

In a PSA posted online April 29 by Raise Your Hand Texas, a non-profit advocating student achievement, native Texan and mega movie star Tommy Lee Jones urges the public not to vote for measures tha ...

At the Arthouse

The Company Men is bankrupt of new ideas

By David Theis

If you’re one of those who grouse that Hollywood doesn’t make films about real, recognizable American life anymore, you’ll likely be tempted by The Company Men. It’s one of ...

No go for ToJo

Tommy Lee Jones cancels on Cinema Arts Festival Houston

By Sarah Rufca

Sad news, CultureMappers: Tommy Lee Jones has canceled his Nov. 12 appearance at the Cinema Arts Festival Houston. He was to join writer Guillermo Arriaga at a screening of the critically-laud ...

6 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 1
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (6)   Places (0)
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