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Hunting Contest Outrage

Controversial Texas Tech cheerleader draws fire — again — for staging "Hot Guy Hunter" contest

By Elizabeth Rhodes

Kendall Jones, a Texas Tech cheerleader and noted figure within the hunting community, is certainly no stranger to controversy. In July, photos of the 19-year-old shown with the carcasses of wi ...

Controversial Appearance

A hero's welcome? Notorious cheerleader hunter signs autographs and poses for pictures in Houston

By Barbara Kuntz

The infamous big-game hunting Texas Tech cheerleader was in Houston over the weekend, this time smiling for photo ops with admiring fans — and not dead animals. Kendall Jones, who drew na ...

Hunks Rule

Near nude photo of Kliff Kingsbury goes international, completely buries Texas Tech's silly watch "controversy"

By Elizabeth Rhodes

Texas Tech's head football coach continues to make international headlines for his uncanny resemblance to one of Hollywood's hottest stars. After a shirtless photo of Kliff Kingsbu ...

Falling in line

Butts out: University of Houston bans smoking, joining a research dollar driven health kick

By Tyler Rudick

Less than a year after Rice University ramped up its tobacco-free policy, the University of Houston announced it will ban smoking starting June 1. Kathryn Peek, UH Assistant Vice President ...

Meineke Car Care Bowl does good

Texas Tech fans get rowdy in a Houston bowl raid, stand up to Texas A&M's show of force

By Joel Luks

You would think that with 18,000 fewer fans than the record crowd that turned out for last year's Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas — when powerfully backed Texas A&M beat Northwest ...

trey's picks

College football games of the week: Who to bet for and against on Saturday

By Trey McLean

Compelling stuff this week. A really scary moment for Braxton Miller and, barring a miracle, the end of Gene Chizik at Auburn were the highlights. But what else happened? Collin K ...

Direction Challenged

Top football recruits cannot find Texas Tech (literally): But Lubbock is getting an unfair rap

By Whitney Radley

Poor Texas Tech University often gets a lot of guff. The truth is, though relatively undiscerning, Texas Tech consistently ranks among national universities in terms of research and enrollment ...

Want a rematch Oklahoma?

"Let's talk about 10:" Texas sets its sights on double digits after Texas Tech dismantling

By Kevin Benz

The University of Texas would love another shot at Oklahoma  — right now. The win over Texas Tech was so complete, so dominating, so powerful, the team must be ready to take on the world ...

A Big 12 War

Texas Tech calls bullshit on the dog poop attack: Accuses Texas A&M of being poopy liars

By Chris Baldwin

Forget that destructive Longhorn Network, squabbles over the distribution of money and political maneuvering. It turns out that Texas A&M's last season in the Big 12 is going to center ...

Hard Feelings

Crapped on: Texas A&M football team buses get filled with dog poop at Texas Tech

By Chris Baldwin

So much for Texas A&M making a happy exit from the Big 12 to the SEC. Some obnoxious Texas Tech "fans" have made sure the road is paved with manure. The Aggies' football team& ...

13 Results. Showing to
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Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (13)   Places (0)
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