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Restaurant Drama Lawsuit

Tex-Mex Drama: Restaurant dispute leads to a federal lawsuit, kills local chain's expansion

By Eric Sandler

It's no trick. Clear Lake won't be getting an El Tiempo Cantina location after all.  "We are no longer associated with the Webster site," El Tiempo owner Roland Laurenzo ...

Tex-Mex Spot Closing

Another landmark Tex-Mex restaurant set to close to make way for more apartments

By Eric Sandler

Houston's white-hot real estate market looks poised to end the run of another popular restaurant. With the sale of the property to real estate developers for a multistory apartment building, El ...

Montrose Restaurant Reborn

Owners of closed Montrose restaurant open a different place in a new, emerging Houston neighborhood

By Eric Sandler

A year after closing their beloved Montrose Tex-Mex restaurant Bocados, owners Terry Flores and Lily Hernandez have returned with Red Ox Bar & Grill. Located in the near Northside neighbor ...

Homestate Glory

Texas completely dominates taco rankings, but the No. 1 winner raises real furor

By Jennifer Chininis

Real estate site Estately recently set out to determine the most taco-crazed cities in the United States. Hooray for Texas: The Lone Star State took half of the top 10 slots. But the order seems a ...

Foodie News

A Tex-Mex empire grows: Beloved Houston restaurant expanding with new Energy Corridor location

By Eric Sandler

Sylvia Casares will add a third restaurant to her growing eponymous empire when she takes over the former Sharky's American Grill space on Eldridge Parkway in May. Casares will simply call ...

Mission Burrito No More

Mission Burrito is no more: Federal judge leaves the chain no choice

By Eric Sandler

The debate over which restaurant serves the best burrito — Mission, Chipotle or Freebirds — will have a new twist soon. No, another restaurant isn't entering the market, but pe ...

Las Ventanas

A beautiful place for classic Mexican cuisine

14555 Grisby Road
Houston, TX 77079

Foodie Video

Legendary Houston Tex-Mex restaurant celebrates 30 years by expanding: Tableside guacamole for everyone!

By Eric Sandler

Back in 1983, the Pappas family launched their Tex-Mex concept, Pappasito's, on Richmond near Hillcroft. Over the course of 30 years, the locally-owned restaurant group has grown to 21 location ...

Food for Thought

This Tex-Mex restaurant's new coasters make an important cultural statement

By Marene Gustin

There's something new at El Real Tex-Mex Cafe. No, not the pork fajitas or the family style menu items. Nope this is a coaster. Usually, when they bring your margarita they set it o ...

Foodie News

Downtown restaurant scene continues comeback with new gastro-cantina planned at prime location

By Whitney Radley

News of Pepper Jack's Mexican Grill and Cantina's recent closure didn't come as much of a shock, especially considering that the landlords were apparently hoping to ride on the coa ...

33 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 4
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (31)   Places (2)

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