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Champagne Johnny

Champagne Johnny: Manziel sticks to partying ways despite growing criticism

By Clifford Pugh

Despite a poor first season in the NFL and critics who question whether he is an alcoholic, Johnny Manziel can't seem to stop his partying ways. The former Texas A&M quarterback was spo ...

Johnny Bartender

Johnny Manziel jumps behind a bar in Austin, starts serving drinks to shocked regulars in another wild night

By Katie Friel

Johnny Manziel reportedly jumped behind the bar of an Austin dive, mixing and pouring drinks for patrons for more than an hour. (He must still be waiting on that first paycheck  ...

The Hip Hop Life

Drug bust doesn't stop a Houston rapper — the concert goes on despite some TMZ moments

By Desiree Alvarez

It's not usually good news when you're caught on camera by TMZ. Just ask Houston rapper Riff Raff. He and two friends were captured on tape as police officers in North Carolina all ...

Living It Up

Johnny Manziel's wild party pics make waves, but Heisman winner insists he's still a small town guy

By Whitney Radley

To say that Johnny Manziel has had an impressive year would be an understatement. Beginning the 2012 season — Texas A&M University's first in the SEC — as a redshirt freshm ...

A Captain Goes Crazy

Deadliest Catch goes Jersey Shore with on-air brawl: Is Discovery's hit jumping the shark?

By Caroline Gallay

The Deadliest Catch, the Discovery Channel's popular show about Alaskan crabbers, is veering into MTV-esque territory. Local Alaskan KOMO News reports that the captain of one of the feature ...

Sinking in the Dead Pool

In a world of Twitter & Facebook, do we share some responsibility for Amy Winehouse's death?

By Dan Solomon

Soul singer Amy Winehouse died today. It was announced on Twitter, and confirmed shortly thereafter by the London Police. It's the way that these things happen in 2011. She was 27. Most peo ...

Behind The Split

Mathew Knowles insists Live Nation set him up, swears he really didn't steal from Beyoncé

By Chris Baldwin

It turns out that Mathew Knowles plans to fight being fired by his pop superstar daughter Beyoncé. And he's come up with a doozy of a conspiracy theory to make his case in ...

Diva Down

Flaming piano pratfall: Lady Gaga's Toyota Center tumble goes global

By Steven Thomson

Several days after a lauded April 8 performance at Houston's Toyota Center, photographs of Lady Gaga taking a mid-performance fall have surfaced. The plotz from the piano has captured the atten ...

Blame it on the trees

Aftershocks: It's suddenly The Real Housewives of Italy, but Danielle is overboard

By Joseph Campana, Theodore Bale

It was a week of accidents on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. And when the chips are down in Franklin Lakes, you do what anyone else would. Blame children, or nature, and leave the country. ...

A three-hour show?

Melissa Etheridge's scandals blow away Lindsay Lohan's, but she's too good a performer for anyone to notice

By Michael D. Clark

She's had her share of personal and medical hurdles during a 22-year recording career, but when it comes to the vulturous entertainment media all waiting for festering sores of juicy gossip to ...

10 Results. Showing to
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