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Party Watch

Exotic grooves, Uchi food and a hookah lounge make this Asia Society party anything but conventional

By Joel Luks

What: Third Annual Spotlight Asia: Cocktails and Cultural Fusions Where: Asia Society Texas Center The 411: Tempting guests with the promise of a soiree sparkling with exotic moods, Spotlig ...

J.Crew and Ambassadors for Texas Children's Hospital host "An Evening of Styling, Shopping and Refreshments"

The event, which benefits Texas Children's Hospital, celebrates J.Crew's first anniversary at Highland Village. Guests will enjoy bites courtesy of Chef Monica Pope from Sparrow Bar +

KHOU & CultureMap

Sex on a plate: The Pope promotes sexy, "mood" food for Valentine's Day

By Eric Sandler

Obviously, the Pope is an expert on the best foods to eat for setting the proper Valentine's Day mood. No, not the Bishop of Rome, that would be silly. Rather, for this week's CultureM ...

Driving in Style

The foodie bargain of the summer: Dine Around Houston ends with a celebrity chef bang

By Promoted Series Correspondent

Sparrow Bar + Cookshop buzzed with foodie frenzy on Monday evening as RAM and CultureMap wrapped up the Dine Around Houston Summer Series. The one-off locavore feast included big name chef Monica P ...

CultureMap's "Dine Around Houston" sponsored by RAM

Sparrow Bar + Cookshop

Eat local and support local at CultureMap's Dine Around Houston sponsored by RAM, a summer series of pop up foodie events with stops at some of the city's hottest restaurants. Sparrow Bar +

Foodie Alert!

Dine Around Houston's last $12 restaurant deal is here: And a celebrity chef is cooking up the menu

By Promoted Series Correspondent

More than 125 well-heeled Houstonians lined up at Batanga on Monday night to enjoy Latin-inspired fare and contribute to a good case for the fifth and penultimate installment of Dine Around Houston ...

"Food Fight Against Cancer" benefiting Halo House

Sparrow Bar + Cookshop

The Food Fight Against Cancer is an event that unites Houston's world-class cancer care with its restaurant culture to give the gift of health and hospitality. For one night, Sparrow Bar + Cook

Foodie News

Last minute Houston Restaurant Weeks additions: New top restaurants join in, including a hot steakhouse

By Eric Sandler

When the menus for Houston Restaurant Weeks were first revealed, it included a disclaimer that the list of restaurants hadn't been finalized. That's because organizer Cleverley Stone genero ...

They will destroy you

Bring out the dancing bacon: Wild Catastrophic Theatre party brings back the craziness of the 1990s

By Joel Luks

Who in their right mind would want to miss a party that pledges to include dancing bacon? When theater pundits Jason Nodler and Tamarie Cooper met in the spring of 1993, who knew that their col ...

War & Beauty

Guerrilla gardeners descend on Midtown: Can slingshots and seeds transform an ugly area?

By Joel Luks

Take that you empty, nasty lot overrun with messy weeds. A trio of unsuspecting locations were no match for a camouflaged, armed militia of 50 beautification soldiers on a mission to root seeds for ...

23 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 3
Refine By:   Events (6)   Lists (0)   News (16)   Places (1)

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