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Out of This World — Again!

NASA astronauts and Hollywood actor/guitarist headline Space Center Houston's $1 million "Galaxy Gala"

By Shelby Hodge

With real life NASA astronauts, a Hollywood astronaut and a load of dazzling outer-space decor setting the stage, one would have expected Space Center Houston's inaugural gala to be a ...

Holiday Gift Guide

Houston-inspired Gift Guide: Great last-minute presents that evoke the Bayou City spirit

By Layne Lynch

 When you're giving to a proud Houstonian, the gift ideas are near limitless! Find the perfect gift on our Houston-inspired gift guide. ...

Bay Area Houston Ballet and Theatre Season Kick-off Reception

This Bay Area Houston Ballet and Theatre's season kick-off event will unveil the next chapter in the company's history. The annual event honors the new inductees to

Reality Revealed

Grocery games: Houston chef wins big money on Guy Fieri's new reality TV show

By Eric Sandler

Most days, Shane Miller can be found at his day job as the area executive chef for Sodexo's Leisure Division crafting new menu items for his two clients, Space Center Houston and the Houston Zo ...

From Explorer to Independence

Houston's space shuttle mockup gets a new name in new home

By Elizabeth Rhodes

After receiving 10,263 entries for the "Name the Shuttle" contest, officials have announced that the shuttle replica at Space Center Houston will be called "Independence."  ...

Space City Snubbed

Name Houston's fake space shuttle!? Consolation prize now touted by a snubbed Space City

By Whitney Radley

Undeterred by getting snubbed in the space shuttle shuffle, Space Center Houston — the official visitor center of Johnson Space Center — received a high-fidelity shuttle ...

Musiqa presents Deep Sky Objects

In collaboration with Space Center Houston, Musiqa presents Deep Sky Objects, a chamber work that will transport you to distant galaxies. Deep Sky Objects, an intergalactic romance set to musi

a new beginning

Occupy Mars! Space Center Houston celebrates the momentous Curiosity landing and NASA's triumphant return

By Tyler Rudick

"Everybody take a deep breath," NASA's John Connolly said from a temporary stage at Space Center Houston early Monday morning. "The seven minutes of terror starts . . . now." ...

Space Center Houston presents "Curiosity: Seven Minutes of Terror"

Join for the live landing of the Mars Science Laboratory. Guests will meet Mars experts, including astronaut San Love, enter to build the best Mars terrain rover, be among the first to hear about t

Bad Science

Did Houston even deserve a space shuttle? Saturn V "garage" raises questions of neglect & indifference

By Sarah Rufca

There have been several reasons given for Houston's snubbed bid for a space shuttle in favor of New York — politics, tourism numbers and a preference for outreach potential over community ...

12 Results. Showing to
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Refine By:   Events (3)   Lists (0)   News (9)   Places (0)