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Flying Low

Missing Continental: United ranks dead last in on-time arrivals, mishandled bags & complaints

By Whitney Radley

Another month, another poor performance rating: United Airlines' rankings for July 2012 were far inferior to other carriers in the September Air Travel Consumer Report, released ...

Follow the leader

Southwest Airlines triggers an across-the-board airline price hike: Not such good guys after all?

By Whitney Radley

Southwest Airlines is the current leader in the game of airfare tug o' war. As first noted, the Dallas-based carrier has initiated an increase of $5 each way on 400 of its ...

Taking Off

Flying away to Las Vegas just got cheaper: No-frills Spirit Airlines adds Sin City & Chicago nonstops

By Whitney Radley

Just as I was lamenting the hefty price tag on a nonstop United Airlines flight to Las Vegas, the travel gods have responded: Low-cost carrier Spirit Airlines is starting two new routes from H ...

Flying High

Houston gets the Dreamliner after all: United Airlines adds flights at IAH despite tough talk

By Sarah Rufca

United may have hit back at Houston by cutting off non-stop flights to Paris, but it looks like the airline is still committed to making Houston an international hub. The first international fl ...

Fly Facelift

A new full-service restaurant at Hobby Airport? A working ramp? Makeover wonders abound

By Whitney Radley

Traveling through Houston's William P. Hobby airport just keeps getting easier.  The Houston Airport System unveiled a renovated airport baggage claim in late June (part of a ...

Police Compassion

Unruly 86-year-old blind man grounds a Spirit flight for 10 hours: Inside a discount airline debacle

By Tyler Rudick

Spirit Airlines passengers on a red eye from Los Angeles to Fort Lauderdale spent the better part of 10 hours stranded at Bush Intercontinental on Sunday after an agitated octogenarian brought ...

The Airport War

United Airlines cutting nonstop service to Paris from Houston — and more slashes are on the way

By Whitney Radley

Sorry, Francophiles. It's about to become harder to get to Paris from Houston. United will cut the daily nonstop flight service between George Bush Intercontinental (IAH) and Charles D ...

Survey Says

Is anyone surprised? United Airlines the fifth most-hated company in America

By Whitney Radley

The latest numbers in the American Customer Satisfaction Index show what most travelers — and Houstonians in particular — already know: United Airlines isn't doing much to impress i ...

JetBlue No. 1

No frills, more fun? Low-cost carriers get highest marks in latest airline satisfaction survey

By Whitney Radley

Some aspects of air travel are inevitable: The long lines, the borderline molestation of the security checkpoints, the stale air and elbow-space-battles with strangers. Others can be controlled to ...

Flannel & Birkenstocks not enough

Cleavage banned, gams and condoms OK: Southwest Airlines' arbitrary, sexist policy

By Whitney Radley

As if waking up for a 6 o'clock Tuesday morning flight from Las Vegas wasn't a truly miserable experience already, one passenger had to deflect an early-morning attack on her morality &mdas ...

27 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 3
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (27)   Places (0)

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