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New Plans for Restaurant Space

Longtime restaurant pub plans expansion after Creperie deal for coveted Montrose space scuttled

By Eric Sandler

Less than two months ago, when the Eatsie Boys announced Melange Creperie would be taking over their cafe space on Montrose, it seemed like a win-win, because the deal both gave the popular crepe c ...

CultureMap Exclusive

Closing of Montrose cafe offers new beginning for two popular food truck vendors

By Eric Sandler

One of the first Houston food trucks to open a brick-and-mortar is preparing to close its Montrose cafe, but the move also offers new beginnings for two of the city's most popular mobile food v ...

CultureMap Video

EaDo craft beer haven shows off its new Astrodome setup: This brewery honors history with cheap brews

By Eric Sandler

Since almost nothing says good times like adults gathering to share a couple of cold beers, 8th Wonder Brewery has added a taproom to its facility in EaDo. The design mimics the Astrodome's ...

Mayor Food?

Houston food trucks are set free: Downtown dining to be forever changed — and foodies are pumped up

By Elizabeth Rhodes

The long-ridiculed and extremely restrictive regulations on food trucks in Houston have been revised in at least one major way. Until now, food trucks using propane in the Texas ...

Foodie News

Reality TV show falls hard for Houston food trucks — and a certain chatty writer

By Eric Sandler

Houston food trucks are getting some international attention. Throughout this week, Cooking Channel show Eat St. has been filming various food trucks around the city for its fifth season. The s ...

Boozy News

New EaDo brewery to finally be revealed: Eatsie Boys release 3 new beers with bigger plans ahead

By Darla Guillen

The food-truck-famous Eatsie Boys who serve banh mi to the sound of “Sabotage” and provide “frozen awesome” around town aren’t slowing down just because they went bric ...

An Eatsie Boys Production

New restaurant with food truck cred opens with graffiti art, killer coffee and a medieval castle vibe

By Tyler Rudick

After months of renovating the former Kraftsmen Bakery location on Montrose, food truck darlings The Eatsie Boys opened the doors of their anticipated new brick-and-mortar cafe ...

Foodie News

Food trucks as terrorist weapons? Debate over rule changes attracts Bun B, restaurant defenders & strange logic

By Sarah Rufca

Does the presence of food trucks hurt or help brick and mortar restaurants? Do they contribute to a thriving neighborhood or are they an eyesore and potential danger? Those questions were the m ...

Food for Thought

Houston's worst kitchen disasters: From the Apple store beam that crashed into Sprinkles to more

By Marene Gustin

Sometimes whatever can go wrong in the kitchen does go wrong. And that goes for the kitchens of professional chefs as well as home cooks. In Don’t Try This at Home: Culinary Catastrop ...

Land Ho!

Beloved food truck Eatsie Boys envision a funky new look for Kraftsmen restaurant takeover

By Tyler Rudick

The Houston foodie world is all a-flutter this week with word that the Eatsie Boys will be putting down roots in the beloved leafy space maintained by Kraftsman Bakery for the last decade ...

13 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 2
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (13)   Places (0)
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