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J.J. Watt Touchdown Machine

J.J. Watt turns into Jimmy Graham: Crazy touchdown play shows Bill O'Brien's mischievous side

By Chris Baldwin

J.J. Watt always wanted a chance to go both ways. The hulking defensive end played tight end at Central Michigan after all — and No. 99 never doubted he still held the pass catching skills of ...

J.J. Watt's New Nickname

J.J. Watt gets a ridiculous new nickname as Clowney injury ups the pressure and makes Swagg vital

By Chris Baldwin

D.J. Swearinger does everything all out — with a passion that can make an evangelical preacher look tame by comparison. The second-year Houston Texans safety just doesn't know when t ...

Offensive Mind Games

Robert Griffin III feels he could have dropped 35 points on Texans, while O'Brien's just happy with steady Fitz

By MoiseKapenda Bower

There is an adage referencing how wins and losses often mask the truth about team performances, and that axiom applied to both the Houston Texans and Washington Redskins on Sunday at NRG Stadium. ...

RGIII at Texans Crossroad

Doubting Robert Griffin III: Legitimate or just more D.C. bunk directed at Baylor's forever hero?

By MoiseKapenda Bower

At the top of his game Robert Griffin III can still command a room, can still exude the disarming charisma and engaging affability that made him as revered off the field at Baylor as his immense ph ...

Raining Texas QBs

Texans don't raise ticket prices for the first time in forever: Bob McNair deserves some credit

By Chris Baldwin

Coming off that horrific 2-14 season, the Houston Texans are not raising ticket prices for the first time in three years. This means the average price of a Texans game ticket will be $86.93., w ...

Whoop, there it is

The most popular school in Texas? Thanks to Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M reigns supreme and UH stands tall

By John Egan

The University of Texas has fallen behind Texas A&M University in popularity in the Lone Star State. A survey by Public Policy Polling finds that now 22 percent of Texas voters identify themsel ...

Revved-up Rivalry

In pickup truck wars, Ford and Chevy battle it out on Texas gridiron

By John Egan

U.S. automakers Ford and GM are battling it out over pickup truck buyers in the Lone Star state — and the University of Texas is its key battleground. GM’s Chevrolet brand has recen ...

Quarterback Truths

Ryan Tannehill is no Johnny Manziel, no Colin Kaepernick: And Miami is thrilled by that

By MoiseKapenda Bower

Given the exploits of his successor in College Station — a certain Johnny Football — former Texas A&M University quarterback Ryan Tannehill should be accustomed to being unheralded ...

Beyond the Boxscore

Peyton Manning completely disrespected by Indianapolis' fair-weather Andrew Luck love

By Chris Baldwin

INDIANAPOLIS — Luck mania greets you as soon as you step off the plane. There it is for sale in the airport gift shops — women's T-shirts suggestively reading, "Let's Get L ...

BCS upsets

Bama loves Baylor: Bears dominate No. 1 Kansas State and upset BCS rankings

By Claire St. Amant

Everyone wondered how Baylor would follow up the program's first Heisman Trophy win. The Bears did it by upsetting the No. 1 team in the country. The resounding 52-24 victory over Kansas State ...

22 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 3
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (22)   Places (0)

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