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Houston's Future Plans

Want to see the plans for Houston's future? New vision for the city being laid out by power players

By Joel Luks

How to change Houston's image from a city where someone comes to make a living to a place where one wants to live? With such a charge in mind, Mayor Annise Parker officially launched the Ci ...

Project Row Houses presents "Live at the Eldorado with Andre Hayward"

El Dorado Ballroom

Project Row Houses' "Live at the Eldorado" features Houston-born and Austin-based musician Andre Hayward, a gifted trombonist with a sound and clarity reminiscent of the late J.J. Joh

Art Power

The $504 billion arts economy: National leader shares overlooked culture truths in Houston, pushes for more

By Joel Luks

Increasing the number of people who participate in the arts is not good enough. What's pivotal is heightening the relevance of the arts experience. National Endowment for the Arts chairman ...

Project Row Houses opening: Round 41: Process and Action: An Exploration of Ideas

Project Row Houses

This series of exhibitions explores the ways in which contemporary artists deal with labor-intensive practices. To accomplish this, the artists will explore their individual artistic practices and

Defying The Teardown Craze

Defying Houston's teardown craze, these miraculous home remodels and rebuilds keep history alive

By Barbara Kuntz

Several miraculous remodels, makeovers and even complete home rebuilds caught our attention — and readers' too — during CultureMap's first five years of covering residential rea ...

Houston Genius Rewarded

Project Row Houses pioneer wins a Genius Grant — and takes home $625,000 with no strings attached

By Barbara Kuntz

We have a genius among us — a person Houstonians already know who stands out as an extraordinarily creative visionary. Artist and social activist Rick Lowe, founder of Project R ...

Calendar Closeup

Your weekly guide to Houston: Five (plus) don't-miss events — cosmic mixer included

By Joel Luks

On the agenda this week are the opening of a hyper local art exhibition, a film festival that explores architecture's relationship to the natural order, a community market and talent showcase, ...

Project Row Houses opening reception: 2014 Summer Studios

Project Row Houses

Project Row Houses welcomes eight student artists from four local universities to its campus. The Summer Studios Program was developed to provide an opportunity for emerging artists to create and p

Project Row Houses public installation and program: Six of one, half a dozen of the other

Project Row Houses

Six of one, half a dozen of the other features a selection of Idea Fund supported projects. The Idea Fund is a re-granting program established by The Andy Warhol Foundation and administered by a pa

Aurora Picture Show's The Idea Fund Screening: Six of one, half a dozen of the other

Aurora Picture Show

Six of one, half a dozen of the other features projects that have received awards from The Idea Fund, a regranting program established by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and administ

68 Results. Showing to
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Refine By:   Events (36)   Lists (0)   News (31)   Places (1)

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