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ESPN Wimply Backtracks On Watt

ESPN's top voice calls J.J. Watt the NFL MVP — and then wimpily backtracks under Aaron Rodgers pressure

By Chris Baldwin

J.J. Watt is enjoying one incredible week. Winning the Pro Bowl Defensive MVP award, getting gifted a brand new free GMC truck, stealing the show on Jimmy Kimmel, hanging out with Katy Perry in ...

J.J. Watt Gets Crazy At Pro Bowl

J.J. Watt proves Katy Perry hasn't changed him: One-ups Odell Beckham Jr. with catch heroics, wins MVP

By Chris Baldwin

Any fools who thought J.J. Watt might be losing a little focus  — or even just taking a well-deserved deep breath in the offseason — can rest easy. Those pictures of Watt and Katy ...

J.J. Watt Reborn

Snubbed J.J. Watt's hilarious surf sack reaches to the Super Bowl: Bill O'Brien and Texans future impacted

By Chris Baldwin

The NFL's Pro Bowl is often forgotten before it's even over. For good reason. J.J. Watt's hilarious — and original — surfing sack celebration isn't going to change t ...

Can Of Cute

A Houston Texans cheerleader spills her secrets: From Pro Bowl bonding to nicknames to cut tears

By Jayme Lamm

I'll be the first to admit it: The Pro Bowl is not something I work my schedule around, nor my DVR. Sure, I loved seeing my guys (especially my Virginia boy Duane Brown) get voted in for a ...

Beyond the Boxscore

Worst Pro Bowl performance ever? Matt Schaub horrendous, Texans must hope there is no carryover

By Chris Baldwin

The only person who had a poorer Pro Bowl performance than Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub is sideline "reporter" Doug Flutie. At least Flutie can use the excuse ...

At tight end . . .

J.J. Watt hurts his hand at Pro Bowl, steals bloody show with position switch

By Chris Baldwin

Leave it to J.J. Watt to completely steal the show at the Pro Bowl — by playing all bloody out. The Houston Texans' second-year star — and likely NFL Defensive Player of the Yea ...

Beyond the Boxscore

National respect for Texans pours in: Dez Bryant only wishes Cowboys had this clout

By Chris Baldwin

If you're in Houston, it's easy to assume the Texans get no national respect. Listen to enough local sports talk radio and you'll become convinced that no one past Pearland knows who Du ...

The Sports Bros.

Think the Pro Bowl is lame? Here are three ways to fix it

By Barry Stagg, David Stagg

In case you missed it, the Pro Bowl happened today. You not knowing, by the way, is totally possible. So let's operate under the assumption you didn't watch it and need a 10-word summat ...

Young blue eyes from Monmouth U

No jinx, just fantasy heartbreak: Kim Kardashian & Cowboy Miles Austin board the love boat

By Sarah Rufca

Rumors have been swirling for weeks, but now the evidence is in: Kim Kardashian has taken up with another football player. And Texans, this time it's one of ours. Pictures of Kardashian and ...

9 Results. Showing to
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