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Real Luxury Food

The best French fries in Houston — when the "side" outshines the burger

By Tyler Rudick

While French fries might be the greatest culinary invention since early humans developed agriculture, let's not kid ourselves . . . not all fries are created equal. Lucky for us, Houston is ...

Shocking murder

Police believe craft beer pioneer gunned down on doorstep of Montrose home knew assailant

By Tyler Rudick

The craft beer scene is mourning the loss of noted Houston distributor Ashley Scott Rowell, who was gunned down at his Montrose home Friday evening. The 35-year-old Rowell and his wif ...

Worth the wait

The new Moon Tower Inn is even better: Its craft beer power now competes with the city's best

By Tyler Rudick

CultureMap cruised by Moon Tower Inn for an after-work hot dog this week, braving the chilly January air alongside scores of devotees enjoying the return of everybody's favorite ...

Beautiful beer

A Houston favorite & a surprise make national best beer bars list, flexing Texas craft beer power

By Whitney Radley

The Hay Merchant has received more than its fair share of recognition since Kevin Floyd opened the Montrose watering hole with Anvil co-owner Bobby Heugel around this time last year — though& ...

The CultureMap Interview

TV host says no other drinking city is as crazy as H-Town: Wrestling pigs, rocket fuel & an Anvil shutout

By Sarah Rufca

Between breaking the land speed record on floating a firkin at Petrol Station (the poor man's Hay Merchant) and wrestling pigs in Katy, Zane Lamprey and his sidekick Steve McKenna had quite a t ...

Friendly Fire

Beer wars: Petrol Station mocks Hay Merchant with a crafty insult, but no suds are shed

By Whitney Radley

The Petrol Station released a new growler logo earlier this week that's an outright imitation of the one employed by Hay Merchant, Bobby Heugel and Kevin Floyd's Montros ...

Boozy News

The smartest beer nerds in town: Life inside a Brewmasters beer booth

By Darla Guillen

Maybe it's the insufferable heat or the 12-hour days that feel like weeks, but if you've ever been on the pouring end of the table at even one beer festival, you automatically feel like a s ...

Boozy News

Houston "shuts down" Drinking Made Easy hosts — awesome bar scene overwhelms TV pros

By Sarah Rufca

After much thought, I have decided that Steve McKenna and Zane Lamprey have the best jobs ever. As hosts of HDNet show Drinking Made Easy, McKenna and Lamprey hit Houston at the beginning of Ma ...

Understanding or misunderstanding?

After "Happy September 11" dustup, Petrol Station owner receives tolerance award

By Whitney Radley

For one organization, Petrol Station owner Ben Fullelove serves as a bastion of understanding. TAP America is a non-profit dedicated to promoting tolerance, patriotism and exercise in America. ...

Shouldn't you just know better?

All Petrol Station employees to get sensitivity training in the wake of "Happy 9/11" drawing

By Whitney Radley

By now you've probably heard all the fuss about the crude 9/11 "joke" at craft-beer haven Petrol Station on Sunday. If not, a quick fill in: A bartender scribbled an offensive doo ...

15 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 2
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (14)   Places (1)

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