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Homecoming for a diehard Texan

In Houston visit, Jim Lehrer discusses partisan politics, family secrets & the future of journalism

By Steven Thomson

Jim Lehrer — the celebrated chief anchor of PBS NewsHour  — steps down this week after 36 years, but he landed in Houston on Monday for a special engagement at ...

Inside the News

A Texas sign off: PBS's legendary Jim Lehrer motors to Houston with bus tales

By Steven Thomson

Jim Lehrer — the celebrated chief anchor of PBS NewsHour steps down this week after 36 years — but first he'll be landing in Houston on Monday for a special engagemen ...

Keynote speaker Wednesday

Hey Houston, get over the space shuttle loss and aim for Mars, says sexy scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson

By Nancy Wozny

So we didn't get the shuttle. Neil deGrasse Tyson has landed in Houston instead. The rock star astrophysicist will deliver a keynote at the American Association of Museums co ...

Professional Daytripper Knowledge

Getting wet and wild in the Lone Star State: Texas' best summer vacation escapes

By Caroline Gallay

When we need advice on where to go for a weekend away or something fun to do that's typically Texan, we turn to Chet Garner, producer, creator and host of PBS' The Daytripper. Last summ ...

On PBS Tonight

Documentary highlights UT student's fight against racism in the '50s

By Clifford Pugh

In 1957, Barbara Smith Conrad was a University of Texas student whose musical talents were so great that she was cast as the lead in the opera, Dido and Aeneas. But in those early days of deseg ...

PBS peeps

Sociologist Brené Brown takes message of imperfection to Channel 8

By Steven Thomson

"Nobody's perfect" may be tossed around in casual conversation, but University of Houston professor Brené Brown has made the mantra her life's work. Now, Brown is takin ...

Back to the Future

PBS president Paula Kerger positions public TV for the digital age

By Clifford Pugh

Since taking over as president and CEO at PBS in 2006, Paula Kerger has been furiously positioning America's public television system for the digital age. Just this week PBS revamped its nation ...

Rice like you've never had it

From classic to over-the-top, Risotto Festival entries drive judges to drink

By Shelby Hodge

Some might say that it was the Plain Janes that walked away with top honors at Sunday's Risotto Festival. I prefer to think of it as the classics winning out over the complicated. After tas ...

Shelby About Town

Bill Stubbs' luxury takes off, Francis Ford Coppola sets rules at Mo's & Katie Decker signs a NY contract

By Shelby Hodge

Interior designer Bill Stubbs is flying high and well he should be. His Moment of Luxury television series, currently seen on PBS stations across the country, is going even bigger. Stubbs ...

Intelligent Must-See TV

Beyond the glam galas: A Profile of the real Phoebe Tudor

By Sarah Rufca

"I wanted to get behind the facade a little bit, get behind the party picture," says Profile host Greg Scheinman of this week's sit-down with Phoebe Tudor (10:30 tonight and 11 p.m. F ...

20 Results. Showing to
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Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (20)   Places (0)
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