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Oscar Experience Houston 2013 Gala benefiting the American Cancer Society

Oscar Experience is a live viewing party for the Academy Awards, and is officially sanctioned by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. It combines celebrating the art of motion picture

2011 Oscar Nominees: Best Documentary (Short Subject)

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Attend this screening for an opportunity to see some of the 2011 nominees for Best Documentary (Short Subject) in advance of the Feb. 26 Academy Awards ceremony. The Barber of Birmingham: Foot

What a star!

Five great movies that showed Elizabeth Taylor at her best

By Clifford Pugh

For many actors/actresses, it's hard to pick even a couple of great movies they starred in. But Elizabeth Taylor, who died of congestive heart failure today, was no ordinary performer. Thro ...

Beyoncé does Streisand

Clint Eastwood and Beyoncé? It's happening, and it's musical

By Caroline Gallay

Oscar award-winning director Clint Eastwood is reportedly in talks to remake A Star is Born, with Houston's own Beyoncé Knowles singing the starring role. The last incarnation of A S ...

Boxing Scenes Letdown

Christian Bale is the only thing Golden Globes deserving about The Fighter: This movie doesn't belong

By Jim Beviglia

The Fighter is up for more Golden Globes (six, tied with The Social Network) than any movie other than The King's Speech. But how does it stack up? CultureMap contributor Jim Beviglia goes ...

Movies Are My Life

Remembering Susannah York, the sexy actress who knew the power of a naughty smile

By Joe Leydon

As a hormonally inflamed adolescent during the 1960s, I harbored considerable lust in my heart (and other vital organs) for British actress Susannah York as she appeared as a sprightly, sexy and al ...

This Week in Hating

Art over justice (again): With Swiss assist, Roman Polanski avoids paying for raping a child

By Sarah Rufca

Roman Polanski raped a child. Whatever other extenuating circumstances led Switzerland to refuse to extradite him — the 30 years since the crime, legal issues with his prosecution, the brilli ...

No Easy Ride

My 31 years with Dennis Hopper: A once-cornered critic reflects

By Joe Leydon

Within the space of a month or so during the summer of 1969, moviegoers got to see Dennis Hopper as a luckless outlaw who dies while reluctantly aiding John Wayne in True Grit — and a ch ...

Academy Awards 2010

Shameless shenanigans get a boost with Oscar's new Best Picture voting procedure

By Joe Leydon

Shamelessness in the pursuit of Oscar is nothing new. Back in the early ‘60s, veteran character actor and professional good-ol’-boy Chill Wills – arguably best known, then an ...

9 Results. Showing to
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Refine By:   Events (2)   Lists (0)   News (7)   Places (0)
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