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World's Best Olympic Park

The world's best Olympic Park: Munich defies its dark history with outdoor joy — an Astrodome example?

By Clifford Pugh

MUNICH — For three weeks every four years, the site of the Summer Olympics is the center of the universe. And then everyone gets the hell out of town, leaving the host city millions of dollar ...

Hot Item

U.S. Olympians wear toned-down Ralph Lauren outfits to closing ceremony as designer gets last laugh

By Clifford Pugh

U.S. athletes who attended the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Sochi Sunday night were in high spirits, but their Ralph Lauren outfits were much more subdued than the opening ceremo ...

Cardigan Love

Ralph Lauren's new All-American uniforms for U.S. Winter Olympic team are the best looking ones ever

By Clifford Pugh

Olympic opening ceremony uniforms are usually pretty blah. Remember what the U.S. Olympic team wore in London two years ago? Didn't think so. But this time could be different. Ralph Lau ...

Let the 'Games' Begin

Learn to shoot: Arrows fly as Hunger Games mania spurs archery craze

By Melissa Gaskill

The arrow struck the target with a satisfying thwack, landing just inside a blue circle worth 20 points. Not bad for someone who, up until an hour ago, had never used a bow. Some weeks ago, I b ...

Clouds Of Meaning

When video becomes art: Houston microcinema's new Rice Village home honors a legend

By Tyler Rudick

The Aurora Picture Show bestowed its 13th annual eponymous award upon Bill Viola, honoring the legendary video artist during a sold-out dinner event at the microcinema' ...

Big Event City

Does Houston even want to host the Olympics? USOC's sudden Texas love could be fleeting

By Aleksander Chan

All four of Texas’ major markets — Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio — are potentially in contention to be the United States' official bid city for host of the 2024 Olym ...

Not running from it

Olympian who moonlighted as a high-end hooker made Houston stop, charged $600 an hour

By Whitney Radley

Since retiring from her career as an Olympic runner, Suzy Favor Hamilton has balanced her time between mothering her 7-year-old daughter, managing a real estate brokerage firm with h ...

Celeb spotting

Michael Phelps' wild Houston adventure continues: Gold medal man hits another hot spot, shops

By Whitney Radley

Evidently Underbelly isn't the only high end establishment that Michael Phelps has graced with his presence during his Houston stay: The Olympic swimmer joined Ali Ansari, CEO of ...

Celeb Spotting

Olympic stud Michael Phelps shotguns a beer, parties with 8 women at high-end Houston restaurant

By Whitney Radley

"Just saw a Michael Phelps shotgun a beer at this fine dining establishment," a friend announced on Facebook late Friday night. A text from his sister confirmed that they had spotted ...

Move over, Olympics

The ultimate guide to Paralympics: Where to watch, who to cheer for and how far the games have come

By Jayme Lamm

Just two weeks after the closing ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympics, another set of games takes the same stage. On Wednesday, 4,280 Paralympians, elite athletes with physical and visual disabil ...

44 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 5
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (44)   Places (0)
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