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Houston's Own Movie Star

Houston's new movie star: Native son goes from reality TV to standing toe-to-toe with Ben Stiller in new flick

By Marcy de Luna

While We’re Young — a new comedy-drama from writer-director Noah Baumbach playing at River Oaks Theatre — showcases a Houston-born reality TV star. Houston' ...

Off the Edge

Best movie of the year? Weird and wild Birdman takes the high wire to thrill and greatness

By Alex Bentley

There are some films that defy classification, ones that don't conform to any preconceived notion of what a film should be despite having much in common with their predecessors. Birdman or (The ...

Target's Sexy New Collection

Target's sexy new collection: Fashion's hottest designer unveils low-cost line with pizzazz

By Clifford Pugh

NEW YORK — Target's new designer collaboration with Joseph Altuzarra arrives in stores across Texas and the nation today, but the fashion faithful got a sneak preview during Mercedes-Benz ...

Dazzling Bulgari Party

J.J. Watt swoons over Naomi Watts amid millions in jewels at dazzling Bulgari party

By Shelby Hodge

Could there have been a more dazzling evening than the Bulgari dinner at the Houston Museum of Natural Science on Wednesday? With 150 pieces of magnificent jewels on display and a flock of social s ...

Countdown to the Oscars

The Oscar contest continues: Pick Best Actress winner and a chance for a free year's film pass

By Clifford Pugh

Round two of our Pick the Oscar Winners contest goes to the women. And what a powerful lot they are. The Best Actress category is the most interesting — and the closest — of all the ...

Hope amidst tragedy

The ultimate survival story: Great acting and depiction of tsunami make The Impossible riveting

By Alex Bentley

Making films about horrific events will always be tricky. How soon is too soon? If you’re dealing with actual victims, how personal is too personal? Conversely, if you’re approaching th ...

Moviegoers are Fair Game

Naomi Watts isn't channeling Anna Chapman, but she knows that sexy spies sell

By Jennifer Patterson

Considering the recent popularity of secret agents in the media, it’s surprising that few seemed to dress up as spies this Halloween. Perhaps we simply failed to notice them. After all, spies ...

At the Art House

Who's Your Mommy? Examining a haunting adoption with Naomi Watts

By David Theis

Why are there so few films about motherhood? After all, there are plenty of movies about being a dad. Even a movie titled Parenthood was really about the father. Is it from a general lack of respec ...

8 Results. Showing to
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