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Out Of This World Video

One Direction shows the right stuff in out-of-this-world music video filmed at NASA

By Clifford Pugh

The world's most popular boy band recently snuck into Houston to film an out-of-this world music video — and they proved they have the right stuff. One Direction released a new video ...

Space Film Competition

Film competition focuses on space, with Boyhood's Richard Linklater as the celebrity judge

By Elizabeth Rhodes

NASA and the Houston Cinema Arts Society (HCAS) have teamed up to launch the inaugural CineSpace short film competition, which hometown favorite and Academy Award-nominated director, producer and s ...

Out of This World — Again!

NASA astronauts and Hollywood actor/guitarist headline Space Center Houston's $1 million "Galaxy Gala"

By Shelby Hodge

With real life NASA astronauts, a Hollywood astronaut and a load of dazzling outer-space decor setting the stage, one would have expected Space Center Houston's inaugural gala to be a ...

Party on the Moon

George Clooney headlines spectacular out-of-this-world salute to Apollo 13 mission

By Shelby Hodge

Much like its fine Swiss timepieces, Omega's salute to the 45th anniversary of the Apollo 13 moon mission was an evening of carefully orchestrated precision, drama and star power. Tuesday ...

In Pictures

The most shocking Supermoon pictures and truths: Why it's all just an illusion

By Barbara Kuntz

Sky observers in Houston — and rest of the Northern Hemisphere — got a special treat on Sunday as a supermoon glowed behind a somewhat cloudy sky, and a double dose of spectacular ...

Spaced Out

Houston from outer space: Astronaut in orbit shoots a stunning video of stormy Bayou City

By Ellen Goodacre

Houstonians on the ground may have been a bit perturbed by all of the rain and scattered thunderstorms last week. But maybe all they needed was a little perspective. Maryland astronaut Reid Wis ...

Red Planet Drama

Mysterious Mars lights cover up? UFO enthusiasts not buying NASA's sudden rush to explain phenomenon

By Tyler Rudick

NASA hasn't had a week like this since Viking 1 photographed the so-called "Face on Mars" . . . A mysterious beam of light spotted by the Mars Curiosity rover has UFO enthusiasts ...

Bugged Out

Creepy crazy ants swarm into Houston: Billions of them are invading — with the warm weather

By Barbara Kuntz

An upsurge in computer glitches and even sudden power outages are very possible in the next few weeks as a familiar but very unwanted "bug" returns to Houston. Make that "bugs,&q ...

Houston's own Statue of Liberty

Houston's own Statue of Liberty? Giant Astronaut to tower taller than Sam Houston — and include an elevator

By Tyler Rudick

Never one to pass up a chance to build a towering statue along the highway, legendary Houston artist David Adickes has signed on to design the largest project of his career — an 80-foot concr ...

Super Bowl & Rodeo Partner

Houston's Super Bowl to saddle up with the rodeo: Big game's going to kickoff with cowboy extravaganza

By Shelby Hodge

Only days before he was to join Houston Super Bowl Host Committee reps in New York for Super Bowl XLVIII, host committee chairman Ric Campo discussed plans for H-Town's latest round of Sup ...

108 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 11
Refine By:   Events (4)   Lists (0)   News (104)   Places (0)