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Spring Fashion Preview

Flower power: Michael Kors has a blooming good time with sunny collection

By Clifford Pugh

NEW YORK — The world may be increasingly dark and chaotic, but Michael Kors has a remedy for all that doom and gloom: Get happy. He labeled his spring 2015 collection ...

Men's Fashion

Michael Kors comes in from the cold with easygoing menswear collection

By Clifford Pugh

Look ma, no waistbands. That's the attitude of Michael Kors' latest menswear collection, which debuted to the fashion press this week and will arrive in stores next fall. Kors ...

Watch Out!

Michael Kors ups fight against world hunger with watch, website, billboards

By Clifford Pugh

Designer Michael Kors has kicked his fight against world hunger into top gear this month with a number of activities to raise awareness and cash for the cause. Kors stores in the Houston area a ...

Model Envy

Love child: Michael Kors romances his audience with classic collection

By Clifford Pugh

NEW YORK — Michael Kors is a billionaire — or close to it, so it makes sense that he believes in investment dressing, albeit with a romantic touch. The 54-year-old designer, wh ...

Make a (romantic) break for it

Luxury getaway close to home: Classic Galveston hotel offers boutique experience complete with Gulf views

By Promoted Series Correspondent

Ah, Galveston Island . . . Houston’s backyard playground of sun, sea, fresh seafood, arts, history and great bird watching. What’s not to love? Once the favorite stomping ground of ...

The High-Top Life

You really "Like" him: Michael Kors offers exclusive sneaker to Facebook fans

By Clifford Pugh

Michael Kors has reached a milestone —  5 million Facebook users — and to celebrate, the designer is adding an exclusive limited-edition shoe to his spring sneaker collection ...

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

He's a survivor: Michael Kors prepares for the end of the world with chic battle-ready collection

By Clifford Pugh

NEW YORK — When the apocalypse comes, I want to be around Michael Kors. Because when the end of the world is approaching, you want to look super chic and Kors has everything for the occa ...


Watch this: Michael Kors launches campaign to fight world hunger with ads and special products

By Clifford Pugh

Having conquered the fashion world, Michael Kors is now setting his sights on efforts to end world hunger. The designer, who has become a billionaire — or close to it — si ...

In the pink, too

Michael Kors sees red in new ad campaign for spring collection with California cool vibe

By Clifford Pugh

With the success of a public stock offering, Michael Kors is in the pink. He's now a billionaire — or close to it, thanks to last year's record-breaking IPO. The designer, who has ...

It's in the jeans

The Bag Snob is no snob at all: Tina Craig influences designers & shoppers by democratizing fashion

By Heather Staible

Don’t judge a bag by its cover. That’s the takeaway from my chat with Tina Craig, creator of Bag Snob, one of the most influential style blogs on the web. Craig showed her denim col ...

35 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 4
Refine By:   Events (1)   Lists (0)   News (34)   Places (0)

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