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Fad diets

Obesity epidemic's new felon: 8-Hour Diet blames breakfast — and electricity — for bigger waistlines

By Joel Luks

The arrival of the new year ushers pledges of self-improvement, better health habits and, of course, ambitious weight loss goals. Fad diets that promise dropping pounds by consuming only protein, s ...

It happened before

Men's Health cover boy Liam Hemsworth models Hamilton shirt, but will it soon be Miley's?

By Clifford Pugh

Liam Hemsworth looks awfully dapper in a fashion spread in the September issue of Men's Health magazine. The hunky actor and fiancé of Miley Cyrus, who is the cover boy for the fashion-f ...

Hometown Glory

Somebody's watching you: Houston ranked a top city for snoopy surveillance cameras

By Sarah Rufca

From 1984 to Person of Interest, the fear of an all-knowing, all-seeing government is part of the modern experience. Big Brother doesn't live everywhere, yet. But he's apparently quite at h ...


Smuttiest city in TeXXXas: Austin edges out Houston & Dallas in porn-lovin' list

By Minh Vu

Here’s another notable item Austin can add to its growing lists of accomplishments. In addition to being named one of the Top 10 places for Businesses and Careers, the Texas capital can ...

Not everyone's experience

The horniest college campus in America: University of Texas No. 1 ranked in DTF

By Whitney Radley

The University of Texas is making national headlines for a high ranking. Just maybe not one university officials will be thrilled about. Texas comes in No. 1 on College Magazine's  ...

Raising the bar

National magazine names a Houston spot one of the 20 best bars in America

By Sarah Rufca

After Esquire shafted Houston from its best bars list (and couldn't even keep El Real and El Rey straight) I think Houston has a new favorite men's magazine. Men's Health names its& ...

Hometown Gluttony

Corpus Christi and Dallas outdo Houston on fattest cities list: We're slender (by Texas standards)

By Sarah Rufca

Everything's bigger in Texas — and according to Men's Health that includes the people. The magazine published its annual "Fattest Cities in America" list, and half of th ...

Say it ain't so

Men's Health survey shows Houston to be unpatriotic, but to whom?

By Caroline Gallay

Houston was low on the list of Men's Health Magazine's 100 most patriotic cities — 89th out of 100 to be exact. Which hits a little harder on this Fourth of July weekend. In ...

8 Results. Showing to
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