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Rising Stars

Texas Music Festival draws a record number of applicants, setting up the gutsiest concerts yet

By Joel Luks

Without the Immanuel and Helen Olshan Texas Music Festival, Houston summers would suffer from a dearth of classical music concerts. Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, the month-long tr ...

Major Music

A standing ovation and a $500-a-plate dinner at a swanky River Oaks club? Yes, ROCO can do it all

By Joel Luks

Leave it to the River Oaks Chamber Orchestra, better know as ROCO (rhymes with loco) to the cool kids, to trigger a thundering standing ovation after a sold-out concert of music that its audience h ...

Loco for ROCO

Chamber orchestra celebrates Asia with innovative concerts and world premieres

By Joel Luks

The bulk of the repertoire performed by symphony orchestras comprises scores written by bigwigs of the 18th and 19th century plus a handful of 20th century composers. Large classical ensembles &mda ...

Step into the Listening Room

River Oaks Chamber Orchestra puts music in your pocket: New mobile approach captures fans

By Joel Luks

There's no mistaking when Alecia Lawyer zooms around your part of town. Her mommy SUV is branded with license plates that announce the whereabouts of the fierce leader of the River Oaks Chamber ...

Pick Five (Plus)

Your weekly guide to Houston: Cemeteries come to life, brass balls and Sally Jessy Raphael puppets

By Joel Luks

What was San Diego Symphony's concertmaster Jeff Thayer doing in Houston? He happens to be Houston Symphony's horn player Julie Thayer's hubby. He stepped in last minute and occupied th ...

See it Saturday or Sunday

The adventures of Drum Man and Mr. Darcy: ROCO-featured Matt McClung travels the earth for music

By Joel Luks

The drum set. Loved by teenagers, loathed by parents and neighbors. Its mere sight evokes images of a player, sticks in hand, beating the crap out of them in reckless abandon, followed by a thunder ...

PIck Five (Plus)

Your weekly guide to Houston: Trick-or-treating at the ArBOOretum, skulls roll at Lawndale & more

By Joel Luks

"Upstairs with ROCO" are small, private, infotaining River Oaks Chamber Orchestra events during which musicians talk about the trials and tribulations of their field. Percussionist M ...

Hit me maestra!

The conductor who never stopped believing: Mei-Ann Chen wouldn't quit; now she inspires at Texas Music Festival

By Wilbert Chinchilla

"It changed my life and I would like to do my part to change other people's lives.” This is what Mei-Ann Chen, the newly appointed music director for the Memphis Symphony, tells ...

Texas Music Festival: Symphony Orchestra with Mei-Ann Chen

Now in its 21st season, the Texas Music Festival brings talented music students from around the world for an international summer orchestral training program at the University of Houston Moores Sch

9 Results. Showing to
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Refine By:   Events (1)   Lists (0)   News (8)   Places (0)
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