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Wham, bam — thank you ma'am

A big bang season finale: River Oaks Chamber Orchestra delivers a concert with plenty of 'tude

By Joel Luks

Clunk! Bonk! Kapow! Thwach! Vronk! Zap! Wham, bam — thank you ma'am. With the exception of the "thank you" part, one would think that these onomatopoeic words come straight ...

Big Bang Theory

A musical box of chocolates: Big Bang concert from River Oaks Chamber Orchestra aims to be a journey

By Joel Luks

Here's a sure way to confuse anyone: Tell them you are a percussionist. It isn't like mastering the violin, piano or some obscure cousin of the oboe in which a musician focuses on one p ...

Step into the Listening Room

River Oaks Chamber Orchestra puts music in your pocket: New mobile approach captures fans

By Joel Luks

There's no mistaking when Alecia Lawyer zooms around your part of town. Her mommy SUV is branded with license plates that announce the whereabouts of the fierce leader of the River Oaks Chamber ...

Play on

Feast your ears: River Oaks Chamber Orchestra's 2012-13 season entices with fresh fiddlers and new conductors

By Joel Luks

There's something about oboists, a je ne sais quoi, perhaps brought on because they are the center of musical attention at the beginning of every orchestra concert — everyone tunes to the ...

See it Saturday or Sunday

The adventures of Drum Man and Mr. Darcy: ROCO-featured Matt McClung travels the earth for music

By Joel Luks

The drum set. Loved by teenagers, loathed by parents and neighbors. Its mere sight evokes images of a player, sticks in hand, beating the crap out of them in reckless abandon, followed by a thunder ...

PIck Five (Plus)

Your weekly guide to Houston: Trick-or-treating at the ArBOOretum, skulls roll at Lawndale & more

By Joel Luks

"Upstairs with ROCO" are small, private, infotaining River Oaks Chamber Orchestra events during which musicians talk about the trials and tribulations of their field. Percussionist M ...

Yuletide Chamber Music at Bayou Bend

Bayou Bend Collection and Gardens

The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston's Bayou Bend estate is hosting a celebration of its holiday season with a Yuletide chamber music concert on Dec. 7. Refreshments and hot cider will be served under a t

7 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 1
Refine By:   Events (1)   Lists (0)   News (6)   Places (0)
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