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Art vandalism

Police charge suspect with defacing Obama mural but he remains on the run

By Tyler Rudick

The good news is that Houston police have filed charges against a man thought to be behind the recent string of attacks on a Midtown mural of President Barack Obama. The bad news? Well, he' ...

Capture and release

Obama mural vandal finally caught? Breakfast Klub owner tackles man with paint can

By Tyler Rudick

Just days after artists repainted the recently-defaced Barack Obama mural in Midtown, an alleged vandal has slipped through the cracks. The Breakfast Klub's Marcus Davis — w ...

Braggin' rights for nation's best

Wings & waffles showdown: Breakfast Klub competes for national title on Steve Harvey

By Whitney Radley

With the Texans eliminated from Super Bowl XLVII, Houstonians can be excused for indifference about the outcome of the big game. But we can get behind a Wings & Waffles Championship — esp ...

Crime Stoppers Involved

Midtown restaurant's Obama mural vandalized for the third time: Paint attack leaves a mark

By Barbara Kuntz

For the third time since its creation, a mural of President Barack Obama in Midtown has been vandalized. Located at West Alabama and Travis across from the popular The Breakfast  ...

See the new look

Vandalism of Breakfast Klub's Obama mural goes national, rallies support for president

By Tyler Rudick

When life gives you lemons . . . paint a rockin' Obama mural with the help of the community. Houston artist Reginald Adams enjoyed a crowd of about 100 supporters Wednesday night, as he set ...

He's Warning You

Vandalized Obama mural to be repainted into a new Uncle Sam pose at Breakfast Klub

By Tyler Rudick

Houston art vandals are at it again . . . and this time, it's fueled by partisan politics. During the weekend, an unknown assailant (or assailants) threw bright red paint across the Breakfa ...

Pix of the Day

The grits (nearly) hit the fan at Breakfast Klub's eating competition

By Sarah Rufca

At The Breakfast Klub's 11th anniversary party on Saturday morning, there was a lot happening: A bouncy tent for kids, a live broadcast from 102.1 FM and, of course, the long line winding aroun ...

Foodie News

Wings and waffles FTW: Houston spot earns best breakfast in U.S. honors for old school dish

By Sarah Rufca

Did you know that "hot, puffy waffles and fried chicken wings" were once a staple of Harlem nightclubs in their heyday? According to and Esquire magazine, that's the tradit ...

Hidden Houston

The hidden history of Midtown and what it means for an ambitious area's future

By Houston's Voice Correspondent

Nestled in between the heart of downtown Houston and the Texas Medical Center, the 725 acres, 22 miles of streets and 325 city blocks that constitute Midtown holds history otherwise forgotten in ot ...

Things We Love

More than a restaurant: Breakfast Klub reaches out to community, helps preserve history

By Tyler Rudick

Everyday, the The Breakfast Klub opens its doors with a healthy dose of positivity, busily greeting its devoted customers with lively inspirational music and warm greetings as the sun starts to ris ...

15 Results. Showing to
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Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (15)   Places (0)