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Downton Abbey Season Finale

Downton Abbey superfans get a sneak peek of spectacular season finale — and secrets galore

By Clifford Pugh

Lucky Houston fans of Downton Abbey were in an excited mood earlier this week when they got to watch a sneak preview of the supersized season finale and attend a taping of Manor of Speaki ...

Best & Worst Houston Theater

Best & Worst of Houston theater in 2014: Bitches, food fights and Millennials behaving very badly

By Tarra Gaines

The New Year might be a time for resolutions, but more importantly it’s a time for lists dissing and evaluating the old year. Why should Houston theater get a pass? I’ve seen a lot of H ...

Dressing Downton Abbey Style

How to dress Downton Abbey style: Cloche hats, flapper dresses, pearls — but no stilettos or push-up bras!

By Clifford Pugh

Downton Abbey fans can't wait for Season 5 to begin Jan. 4 on Houston Public Media's TV 8. But several hundred lucky Downton addicts will get to see a free sneak preview of the fi ...

Downton Abbey Update

Women rule on new season of Downton Abbey; Houston after-show goes national

By Tarra Gaines

Americans so love the upstairs/downstairs denizens of Downton Abbey, they’ve made it the highest rated television show in PBS’s history. Houstonians so love to talk about Downton that t ...

A New Ernie

Local TV star fights back from bike accident, loses 60 pounds in dramatic weight battle

By Tyler Rudick

September 2011 marked the beginning of a rough patch for local public television celeb Ernie Manouse. "I was literally laid up for two-and-a-half months after the accident," he says o ...

Welcome to Crawley-ville

Downton Abbey season premiere moves fans to tears, but what happened to the wedding?

By Clifford Pugh

Fans of the hit British TV series Downton Abbey had a lot to laugh and cry about in the season three U.S. premiere Sunday night on PBS. But there were also some puzzling aspects, too. ...

6 Results. Showing to
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