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Houston's Oldest Bar Closes

Houston's oldest bar surprisingly suddenly shutters, leaving a historic Midtown building empty

By Eric Sandler

Midtown's bar and restaurant scene is as hot as it's ever been. Recent arrivals like Wooster's Garden, Oporto and Weights + Measures indicate the neighborhood is rapidly becoming more t ...

Leon's Lounge

Vinyl and cocktails on the menu

Leon's Lounge
1006 McGowen Street
Houston, TX 77002

On foot

New patio bar aims to create a walkable Houston neighborhood — and food truck haven

By Tyler Rudick

An up-and-coming stretch of Midtown is getting some new patio entertainment this month with the arrival of Capitol Bar — a METRO-friendly outdoor drinking spot owners see as being part o ...

The CultureMap Interview

TV host says no other drinking city is as crazy as H-Town: Wrestling pigs, rocket fuel & an Anvil shutout

By Sarah Rufca

Between breaking the land speed record on floating a firkin at Petrol Station (the poor man's Hay Merchant) and wrestling pigs in Katy, Zane Lamprey and his sidekick Steve McKenna had quite a t ...

Boozy News

Houston "shuts down" Drinking Made Easy hosts — awesome bar scene overwhelms TV pros

By Sarah Rufca

After much thought, I have decided that Steve McKenna and Zane Lamprey have the best jobs ever. As hosts of HDNet show Drinking Made Easy, McKenna and Lamprey hit Houston at the beginning of Ma ...

complete with a special cake

The Art of Divorce: Ex Houston Chronicle critic Devon Britt-Darby ends his protest marriage in style

By Tyler Rudick

In an intimate happy-hour event at Leon's Lounge, art critic Devon Britt-Darby and Reese Darby-Britt untied the knot in a special divorce ceremony led by friend and Internet-cert ...

Amnesia Houston's "Happy Birthday Houston" Party

Leon's Lounge

Celebrating Houston's 175th birthday, Amnesia Houston — an organization committed to telling the story of Houston and preserving its cultural and architectural history — hosts a par

Liquor saves history

Preserve and pour: Historic buildings house some of Houston's hottest bars

By Marcy de Luna

At a loss for what to do with an old empty space? Don't waste it; throw a bar in it. Save a building, become part of the preservationist movement, help facilitate economic growth and create ...

Last Call

Leon's Lounge closes (temporarily, we hope)

By Sarah Rufca

Leon's Lounge, a watering hole with a cool crowd in Midtown for almost 60 years, is temporarily closing up shop for a few months. Houston Press reports that Scarlett Yarborough, daughter of ...

9 Results. Showing to
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