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Larry Hagman Sipper

Gone but not forgotten: J.R. Ewing Bourbon pays tribute to iconic Dallas star

By Teresa Gubbins

With season three of Dallas coming up, a bottling company is capitalizing on that momentous occasion with a kitschy namesake bourbon. Called J.R. Ewing Bourbon, it's named after the Larry Hagma ...

Cue the sad songs

Linda Gray steals the show as Dallas cast lays J.R. Ewing — and Larry Hagman — to rest

By Elaine Liner

This time J.R. Ewing really is dead. Episode 8 of the second season of Dallas on TNT put the character in the ground once and for all, with veteran cast members from ye olden days standing gravesid ...

Bang, bang theory

Tired murder cliffhanger mars Dallas, but Larry Hagman still gets the best lines

By Elaine Liner

Bang! Bang! Way to go out on a familiar cliffhanger, third episode of Dallas. Annie (Brenda Strong), Bobby Ewing’s second wife, pulled a gun out of her handbag and plugged her abusive, baby-k ...

Dallas is back on TNT

Sharp knives at Southfork: Dallas season 2 opens with blackmail, boohooing and great hair

By Elaine Liner

Blackmail, bribes, money laundering, late-night swims, fixed oil platforms, shots of Highland Park Village, Sue Ellen swilling Pinot Grigio (almost) and a secret baby misplaced at the State Fair of ...

Gone but not forgotten

J.R. returns! Larry Hagman has the last laugh in rollicking Dallas holiday video greeting

By Clifford Pugh

Larry Hagman may be gone, but he's certainly not forgotten.  The actor, who so memorably played the dastardly J.R. Ewing in the classic TV series Dallas and was a major reason why the ...

Inquiring Minds Want To Know

Where's J.R.? Chasing down the super-secret location of Larry Hagman's memorial service

By Teresa Gubbins

Miss Angie's in town, spotted at the Snider Plaza Starbucks with Jason in tow. Janine's probably applying her lip gloss and chanting a silent prayer as we speak. They'll all come togeth ...

Iconic actor in iconic role

Goodbye J.R.: Dallas star Larry Hagman dies at 81

By Jennifer Chininis

The actor best known as the notorious J.R. Ewing in the classic television series, Dallas, died Friday afternoon at Medical City Dallas hospital from complications of his recent battle with cancer. ...

Season One Finale Wednesday

From Texas to Hollywood: Former Houstonian has the write stuff for Larry Hagman & new Dallas series

By Joe Leydon

Way back before she found respectable work as a Hollywood scriptwriter, Gail Gilchriest worked for a newspaper. Specifically: The UT journalism grad – a proud native of Silsbee, Texas &nd ...

They're baaaack!

Dallas Redux: The Ewings are back to backstabbing ways in reboot of classic TV series

By Joe Leydon

It happens in the best, and worst, of families: The conflicts and confrontations that polarize one generation can similarly divide the next. Just look at the Ewings of Dallas. More than 20 years af ...

It's official

Dallas is headed back to TV: Sneak peek of new series on Monday

By Clifford Pugh

Make it official. As CultureMap reported back in March, a reconstituted Dallas is headed to a TV set near you. In a media statement released Friday, TNT announced it has ordered 10 episode ...

12 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 2
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (12)   Places (0)
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